Seton Canada Announces Pipe Marker Price Reduction

As part of Seton Canada’s continuous effort to provide its customers with high-quality, affordable safety products, the company announced today a significant price reduction for its pipe markers and related pipe marking products.

Specifically, this price decrease will affect the company’s Opti-Code™ Self-Adhesive Pipe Markers, Setmark® Snap-Around Pipe Markers, Seton Code® Pipe Markers, Weather-Code™ Outdoor Pipe Markers, Ultra-Mark® High-Performance Pipe Markers, and Xtreme-Code™ High Performance Pipe Markers. The company is also decreasing prices for Pipe Markers-On-A-Roll, Roll Form Pipe Markers, French legend markers and related pipe marking products such as directional arrows and banding tape.

The new, reduced pricing for Seton Canada’s pipe markers will take effect immediately and will appear in new catalogs starting May 7.

To see Seton Canada’s full selection of pipe marking products, visit its web site.

To learn more about how to select the best pipe marker to use, visit Pipe Marker Selection Guide


Seton Canada
Seton Canada ( is a distributor and manufacturer of safety labeling and signage products. The company is a leading provider of pipe markers, valve tags, asset identification products, safety signs and labels, and custom safety products. Seton Canada is a subsidiary of Brady Corp. (NYSE: BRC), located in Milwaukee, WI.

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