Pay-Per-NEET Scheme Needs Correct Marketing to Ensure Success, Says Perspective

Apprenticeship schemes suffered a slow start to life despite the advantages that they can bring to individuals, businesses and the country’s economy. To ensure that the government’s new ‘Pay-Per-NEET’ scheme doesn’t suffer the same fate, they need to be marketed correctly to the appropriate audience, says leading provider of learning management tools, Perspective. 

The £126m scheme, which is aimed at the 55,000 teenagers in England with poor qualifications who are currently not in education, employment or training (NEET), invites firms and charities to bid for contracts worth up to £2,200 for each teenager who can subsequently be sustained in work, education or training for 12 months.

However, for the new initiative to reach its potential and actually make a change to the lives of those classed as NEET, and the long-term economy of the UK, they will have to be marketed appropriately with the advantages clearly highlighted. Failure to do so could see it heading down the same path as the early days of the apprenticeship scheme.

Paul Davis, managing director of student management system provider, Perspective, commented: “Apprenticeships are today where they should have been five, even ten years ago but a slow take-up has meant the schemes still haven’t reached their full capabilities and as a result, have been on the receiving end of a lot of criticism. They do however offer a fantastic and highly effective opportunity of continuing education without taking the university or A-level route.

“The new ‘Pay-per-NEET’ scheme is very similar in a way that the potential that it offers is incredible and could turn the lives of many around – giving them a bright and prosperous future. To help aid the pick-up process, the implementation and marketing needs to be strong, direct and ensure that the advantages on a personal level are clear and concise. Get this right and the scheme could be hugely successful.”

Perspective is a Midlands based provider of learning management products including Collaborative Learning Manager (CLM), Sunesis and individual learning plan platform, Folio. For more information, please visit


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