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The marketing resource website ‘Marketing Quotes’ reflects on the state of the UK economy and how UK businesses can improve their marketing campaigns by using industry specialist marketing consultants in order to improve their marketing campaigns.

The Need To Market

The UK is facing tough economic times across all industries and markets (retail, engineering, manufacture, finance) and the competition in each market it high, therefore the need to use marketing is essential. Being seen by customers is the only way to stand out amongst the competition and ensure that new business is coming in.

The Problems Of Marketing

Marketing is expensive, employing marketing staff, training them and paying for the marketing services (such as direct marketing, telemarketing, design, exhibitions etc.) all add to the overall marketing costs to a business, which may or may not result in sales and orders.

The problem that many businesses face is that they are either employing marketing staff internally (which is expensive) and not seeing the best results, or they are using a marketing company that is not getting the best return on investment.

The Simple Solution

By talking to an industry expert that knows the market you work in, an effective marketing strategy can be put together, KPI’s (key performance indicators) can be set, and performance can be measured to ensure the marketing campaign is effective and producing ROI (return on investment).

There are over 30,000 marketing agencies around the UK, so selecting one that has worked in your industry is very wise, and should result in a more efficient marketing campaign.

Outsource Or Employ Marketing Staff

The UK government is trying to boost employment as unemployment in the UK is rising and has now reached 2.8 million (which has hit the under 25’s the hardest).  Therefore the pressure to employ staff is there for UK businesses, however outsourcing this to an experienced marketing agency is cheaper (and could be more efficient).

Marketing Quotes comments ‘it is wise to look at both options, employing experienced staff internally, and outsourcing marketing to an industry experienced agency.  There is the need to help the UK economy by providing job opportunities, however there is a balance between keeping capital costs down and achieving the best results possible from the marketing activity’.

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