Networking needs to have a more prominent role in marketing strategies, says Punch

Many of the facets that construct modern marketing strategies are digitally led, be it search engine optimisation (SEO), social media engagement or securing online coverage. Despite these all being vital in the majority of situations, networking and meeting potential clients face-to-face is an extremely powerful means of generating new business and as such, needs to play a prominent role, says PR, search and Social Media Agency, Punch Communications.

With the technicalities involved in establishing and running a SEO campaign, and the challenge of building online communities via social platforms and then maintaining high levels of interaction and engagement, finding the time to attend networking events can be understandably difficult. However, this source of lead generation is as powerful as ever.

Ben Leuty, account manager at PR, social media and SEO Agency, Punch Communications, commented: “Meeting face-to-face can, if done correctly, leave a lasting and influential impression on anyone. It gives potential clients an opportunity to interact on a more personal and tangible basis and really get a feel for the business they are considering working with. It provides the chance to ask questions and get an immediate response, to get an idea of the character of not only the business but the people that work there and importantly, whether both parties feel they can work together.

“I fully appreciate that time is always going to be an issue but if the correct event is chosen and the businesses representative poised and knowledgeable, networking provides the chance to build relationships quickly and ultimately, win a lot of new business.”

Marketing strategies are, like the business world itself, continually changing, evolving and becoming ever more intricate. However, despite this, many still like a break from the fast pace of modern strategies and appreciate the opportunity to do things traditionally – exchanging businesses cards and interacting face-to-face.

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