Yast, the time tracker that is not only easy to use, but easy to love

Yast launches today an improved platform based entirely on the feedback from its cherished users

Yast, a Norwegian startup committed to making time tracker lovable, saves no time and efforts to improve its user’s experience. And today’s launch of  Yast improved platform is the proof that it is truly applying that business concept. It is relaunching its platform based entirely on its users’ feedback.
Since its public launch in November of 2009 in Sogndal, a small town better known for its spectacular ski resort than startups, all of us at Yast have worked very hard to reform the image of  the time tracker, as boring and time consuming (read wasting) to an essential business tool, that is not only easy to use, but easy to love.
With over 45,000 users and 1,000 new users signing up every week, Yast has proved that  listening and taking cues from our users is the most effective way of doing business.

That’s true social business.  
Fresh from his win over 100 contestants at the Under The Radar competition  under the category for best Fast pitch, Halvor Gregusson, the CEO of Yast said, “We know that you love us just as we are. So we haven’t changed the look and feel of Yast. We have basically made it easier to not only track time but to collaborate with your colleagues, contractors and your project manager(s). “

Yast offers a simple, web-based time tracking service. The users simply clicks and drags in a timeline to record how many hours he has worked on a project or for a company. A contractor can have as many companies timelines as he needs. All under the same dashboard.

Yast also offers a mobile web service that automatically tracks hours simply by bringing the web page up on your smartphone. It’s HTML based, not an app, and works with with the iPhone, Android and Windows Phone 7. It’s a great feature for tracking those billable hours taking calls from clients, while out of the office.

But why a time tracker?
Where does the time go? You need a time tracker to not only figure out how your  work day is divided but also to track where and how your resources are being spent. Whether these resources are billable or non-billable hours, yours or your teammates, to increase profitability, you must know. Yast time tracker does all of that for you, and does it easily.

Cutting down on wasted resources and increasing your revenues.

Your data is securely managed by us. No more lost excel spreadsheets, virus or lost emails. You can track your time, manage a team, cut down on wasted resources and increase your revenues with the next five improved business concepts.  

Create your company in Yast and manage all of your collaborators

By creating company account, you now can manage all of your projects and contributors in one space. You not only can better manage other’s time but your own.
How does it work? When creating a company account, you create a top-level folder with your company name attached to it. At the company level, you will discover heightened  functionalities, and that is where you will want to set up your setting for your projects and folders.
An interesting function for a contractor is that you can work  for several companies and manage it all under the same dashboard.
Let’s say that you are a contractor and that you work with several companies, a company can add you, and another one too but your projects will appear in the same user interface.  No more cumbersome, logging in and out to view your different projects.
The Company and Payment Tab 
The convenience of having the company info and scheduled payment on the same tab was one that you requested and you got it. In one glimpse, you can evaluate your budget and expenses.

How does it work? On the company level, you will find the Company Info and Payment tab. This is where you manage subscriptions, colleagues, contractors and the payments associated with the work tracked. This managing functionality is only accessible to the company admins, those with the highest “administration” access level at the company folder.

Default access levels

Notice our new interface for “the sharing” tab. The administrator now has full control over reports for all within his company. Control is good.
How does it work? The person creating the company will be the only person with default “administration” access level. Every new user added to the system will be defaulted to “worker” (lowest) access at the company level.  With this upgrade, the default option permits the administrator to view all  the time reports within the company and also to make time reports for anyone. The administrator can also assign higher access levels to collaborators, which will allow them to also create reports.

Company account, no user premium accounts

Gone are premium users and trial users. Why? Because it was a pain in the neck for you to manage. Especially for contractors working for multiple companies.
How does it work? Trial and Payment are now linked to the company. Not the user. If you open a trial account, you start a trial for a company. You are not opening a trial for every user in the company. But a user can be associated to several companies. It doesn’t matter if one company is still falling under the trial category and another is not.

Your personal folder and complete privacy

We understand the importance of privacy. There are some projects that just aren’t meant to be shared. So now you can work for many companies or manage many, and still manage your own stuff under one roof.
Who does it work? Tracking time on your own projects in your personal folder will not affect any projects under the company folder. Rest assure that no one else has access to your personal folder, and no one ever will. It is only yours. Of course, you have the option to share a project from a personal folder. But to do so, you will have to create a company and invite a user.


This is only just the beginning
This new edition of Yast is only the dawn of a new era in time tracker. By improving our user’s experience, we will be able to move faster as we continue to roll out future improvements to our platform. The next improvement scheduled is improved reporting and management of your staff´s time.
We also launched an API to allow third party applications to access Yast. We believe in collaboration, not competition. And we welcome collaborating with others in the time tracker space. They’re really good at some aspects of it, and we are really good at others. Let’s work together. So bring it on Harvest and Toogle, and good old excel.

We are friends

We understand that creating something your users like is hard. But creating something your users truly love is even harder.

For us, it’s important to make our users love our products so that they use it. They can track time, earn and save money and be more productive. So while time tracking is considered a public enemy and a nuiscance, Yast is seen by its users as a friend.

Take a moment to sign in to your Yast account so you can enjoy  all the implemented upgrades. If you don’t have an account yet, give us a try.

We want to continue to hear what you think. Send us your feedback to support@Yast.com, or tweet us @yastdotcom, or on our facebook page https://www.facebook.com/timetracking and let us know  what your experience is like.

We’re here to help you get the most out of Yast.

A big thank you from the whole Yast team.

To schedule an interview with Halvor with Halvor Gregusson, the CEO of Yast and schedule an interview you may call him at 415 568 1094, or call Ane Howard at 415-933-2241.  


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