Having Access To Constant Up To Date Audio Media Via Analysts Is A Must For Traders, Says Schneider

In the fast paced world of trading, being up to date with the latest developments as they happen is a must for any trader, says Schneider Trading Associates (STA), and, views from analysts on audio feeds or from the television is integral on a trading arcade.

Traders at STA always have access to audio media, for example, the in-house squawk service provided by RAN, the Bloomberg TV channel or CNBC’s channel so as the latest finance stories appear, any implications can be noted and immediately applied to trades.This media provides up to the second trading information on accurate prices and volume data, whilst expert analysis on buyers and sellers helps traders make fast and educated decisions.

Matt Silvester, head of training at Schneider, commented: “Having access to audio media is a must for traders because the in depth market reaction it provides can impact on a trade decision within seconds. Our traders will tell you that in order to be successful it pays to be in the loop, via whatever medium is available, and it also significantly helps to listen to various analysts’ views to evaluate what their next move might be.”

The London trading and brokerage house, based in the heart of the City, also offers a sponsored graduate training scheme and positively encourages the course trainees to keep an eye on market analysis news from their very first day. Currently attracting a record number of applications, the free, four-week graduate programme results in a three year training and mentoring scheme and a self-employed career at STA, if assessments are passed.

“It’s crucial for the Professional Trader Programme candidates to see what’s happening in the markets even whilst they are learning the basics”, continued Matt. “That’s why we subscribe to RAN,Bloomberg and CNBC in the classroom, the same channels that our experienced traders watch on numerous screens around the building each day. Watching the finance news as it happens and hearing the terminology used is invaluable in helping the candidates apply theory to the real world, and helps them to start thinking like a trader immediately.”

For more information on Schneider and to learn how to become a trader through the Professional Trader Programme, please visit www.schneidertrading.com or follow the latest trading news on @schneidertrader and facebook.com/schneidertrading.



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