Link Bait Can Still Help With SEO

As a marketing service Marketing Quotes recognises the value in creating unique and valuable content that people will want to link to for the sole purpose of resource.

For any business, their website is a resource, a shop window that has the potential of attracting in tens of thousands of potential customers, but very few of these shop windows successfully do just this.  Most are small shops tucked away in a back street that have no way to attract potential customers, why – because they are not making use of web content.

In years gone by, the phrase ‘Content is King’ was the golden rule; produce enough new content on your website and your SEPR will grow and grow.  However, things have changed, search engines do consider content, but consider more how valuable that content is.  They do this by measuring how popular the content is, the more popular a page/website is, the higher up on searches it will appear.

This is done by the number of inbound links a website has, from a variety of sources (the more trustworthy the sources are (news websites, government websites, trade bodies etc.) the more powerful the links are.

Below are a few pointers to creating good link bate – that will naturally attract visitors.


The first thing to do when creating content on a website is to consider ‘why would people want to link to me’.  Planning the website content will ensure that a correct strategy is formed, and a good SEO plan is created naturally.  SEO is all about a careful step by step process that takes time (as opposed to a quick wave of a wand).

Create Interesting Content

Once you have planned your strategy of linkbuilding, you need to consider what sort of content you can offer.  Consider why people may link to your web page/website in the first place (as a resource, useful hints and tips, good video’s, regular blog that provides relevant information etc.).  You can then create fresh well written content that people will want to read and share.

Lists are a good idea of content (top 10 best films, top ten sales approaches etc.)
Problem solutions are another good content idea (fixes for software, cooking tips or industry related problems).
Industry resources are another good source of content that will generate links.

One thing to remember is to give a little, but not to give a lot.  No magician gives away their secrets, they inspire and create interest, but leave people guessing and wanting more.  Link bate content needs to provide solutions, but not answer the entire question.

Use Relevant Keywords

Keywords play an important role in the SEO process.  Search engines consider what keywords a website uses, and then what keywords are used by websites that are pointing to the site – if they match then the website moves up the search ranks for a particular keyword or phrase.

Use A Title That Creates Attention

Whenever you pick up a book, you look at the title, whenever you see a film preview, you want to know the name of the film.  The title needs to capture the attention of the audience, to make them want to spend a few seconds of their day browsing your relevant information.

All SEO companies advise keeping titles short, sharp and informative in order to ensure that visitors will continue to read.

Make Use Of Social Media And Web Resources

The internet is a very wide and diverse place; consider that more or less all links can be achieved without paying much money at all.

Consider new websites, sites such as online resources, they do not pay for links; they make use of networking and newsrooms.

Once you create a good piece of content, the next job is to share the news.  Send a link to a PR agency that focuses on online PR, share the link on social media networks and website forums.  Indeed most PR companies do charge to help with marketing; many can help with online work for a very affordable price.

Social media is playing a larger part in the world of networking, SEO and business interaction; initially social media was designed for file sharing, dating, swapping pictures and a place for young people to interact.  Now it has developed into a much broader community of worldwide businesses talking, selling and communicating 24 hours a day.  This is a great platform to share unique content that can be linked to by tens of thousands of potential customers for free.

Make The Content Look Nice

The last tip is down to the aesthetic look of your content; if it looks nice, people will want to read it. 

This is more about the website design of your site, does your website look nice, simple to navigate, clear, fresh, modern and inspiring?

There are lots of websites around that have fantastic content and great resouces, but due to the look and feel of the website, people just do not want to stick around and spend time browsing. 

Websites need to look good, not just to search engines, but actual humans that visit and read the website during their busy days.

It is well worth getting a couple of website designers to give your site the once over, to give it a fresh lease of life in order to ensure that your content is not wasted and is keeping people interested and coming back to your website for more.

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