Coat Maker Says “Size Doesn’t Matter”

 “Shape shopping” the new way to shop…


 AUI Limited of New York announced today the creation and launch of the world’s first ecommerce coat collection designed specifically for plus-size women.  With over two years of consumer research and fashion product development, Just As You AreTM suggests the unimaginable –that women do away with size!

With over 50 years experience in the design and manufacture  of ladies’ and men’s coats and jackets in North America, Just As You AreTM brand spokesperson Howard Barrett explains, “Who better to create and market a line of premium plus-clothing for women than the creative source – people who have already been doing this for over half a century?”

Ella, Fashion Editor for the e-commerce site states, “Many of the fashion brands women currently shop offer “one fit for all” clothing, with little regard for individual form, shape and curves – especially in the case of full-figured women, who now represent more than 50% of the US market. Since one size can not fit all, this traditional industry approach is not ideal for curvy or plus-size women looking for the Holy Grail—the Best Fit!”. “By focusing on Shape, not Size– Just As You AreTM offers plus size shoppers the Fit, on top of the Fashion, they’ve always wanted,” states Tulin Reid, Executive Marketing & Creative Director of Plus Model Magazine.

So the management team at AUI have created a revolutionary new fashion “matching system”, a technology that uniquely pairs women’s key body measurements directly with those of each coat and jacket – to give women the customized “ready-to-wear” fit that they rarely find at traditional retailers who do not focus on the Plus Size Shopper.

“ is at the heart of a truly positive change–using a website to do more than ‘the usual’ and re-defining how consumers will actually buy fashion online”, states Alexander Bischoff, President of adTumbler LLC

About is owned by AUI Ltd., a division of Utex Fashion Group, which have been designing and making ladies and men’s outerwear and men’s clothing for almost 70 years. Its licensed brand portfolio includes Daniel Hechter Paris and Jones New York (JNY NYSE).

With Just As You Are™, the Company is now expanding to serve the plus size market – uniquely blending both fashion and functionality. The Brand’s Fall/Winter media campaign features a variety of “real” plus size women, not fashion models – reflecting the true range of “plus”, encouraging women to “embrace their shape”. 


For more information contact:

Howard Barrett

Marketing Initiatives

Tel: 514-271-0800



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