Scottsdale Insulation Company Attracts Northern Arizona Customers

 – Retrofoam of Arizona, a Scottsdale insulation company, plans to keep more customers’ homes and offices warm in northern Arizona as the temperatures drop during the fall and winter seasons.

“Flagstaff has a lot of drafty houses, especially in the winter with winds whipping 30 miles an hour outside and 15 miles per hour inside,” said the insulation company’s co-founder Paul Kariniemi. “We will take care of that problem.”

He said a greater effort will be made to extend his services to the Flagstaff area where people experience the frigid temperatures, including snow since it is one of the highest cities of elevation located in the country. The company has completed about 7 or 8 jobs within the past year in Flagstaff, Karieniemi said.

The first instinct for people who want to keep the warmth inside their homes and offices when temperatures fall is to run the heat constantly. Rather than running utility bills up, customers are encouraged to save money by getting the foam insulation installed to keep drafts from coming through the walls’ exterior.

A lot of homes in Arizona are more susceptible to drafts since many structures are built without air barriers in the walls. “We expect more customers to contact us as soon as they find out that we can make their places warmer while saving them money at the same time,” said Kariniemi.

Although technicians travel throughout the state from Flagstaff to Phoenix, attic insulation is not included in the insulation for homes. The popularity of the Retrofoam product is due to the many purposes it serves. Some clients get the spray foam installed for sound proofing and pest control reasons.

Potential clients are provided free estimates that can range from 30 to 90 minutes at their home or office. The total cost depends on the volume of foam injected, total wall square footage, wall height, and the overall repair work involved when sealing the home or office walls with the non-toxic spray foam insulation.

Retrofoam is one of few insulation companies with a spray foam insulation product that results in energy inefficiency by increasing the comforts of your home and saving you money on utility bills. It is one of few renovation products that pay for itself, and increase the value of homes.

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To learn more about Retrofoam, visit their website at or call 1.800.580.3626

About Retrofoam
Retrofoam is a tri-polymer resin which creates a non-toxic, nonflammable, and odorless insulation substance. It can be injected directly into the wall cavity of a home or office. It is ideal for replacing old insulation or insulating an existing building – and provides myriad benefits as well as a simple and fast installation process.



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