Spanish-Language Legal Document Website AvenidaLegal Announces Redesign and Addition of New Products and Services

Avenida Legal is proud to announce the release of a series of new pre-formatted legal document templates aimed to assist Spanish speakers across the United States in resolving their own legal matters without the need for an attorney. Whether forming a corporation or LLC, registering a trademark, or needing a template for a contract, Hispanics can now resolve these legal issues on their own, online, quickly and affordably.


Avenida Legal initially launched in 2010 with a handful of corporate services available to its customers. Over the past year, the site has expanded its service offerings to more fully accommodate the Hispanic community’s legal needs. Along with a brand new website redesign, Avenida Legal now offers affordable templates for more than 50 different contracts in a number of categories, ranging from corporate and business agreements to family law, estate planning, real estate contracts and more. The contracts include Spanish language instructions on how to complete and execute each contract. Furthermore, the contracts have been designed to permit Spanish speakers to easily complete each agreement in a quick and simple manner by following our fill-in-the-blank format. Now Hispanics in need of a variety of contracts and legal documents can purchase them for a low price through Avenida Legal.


“After speaking with many of our customers regarding our services, we were able to determine how to develop our product line in order to best resolve their needs,” explains Antonio Regojo, founder of Avenida Legal. “The expansion of our product line to include the addition of over 50 preformatted templates is a natural progression for Avenida Legal. Likewise, we received ample feedback from our customers regarding topics within our website that they wanted to see, in order to improve the educational component within the site. Avenida Legal is not just a service provider; we also offer free legal information on various topics in Spanish. This is an area where the redesign is sure to improve the customer experience”


With Avenida Legal, Hispanics can not only resolve many of their own basic legal issues on the internet in their native language without paying the high costs associated with attorney’s fees, but they also have access to free high quality information and research on various legal topics.


It is important to note that Avenida Legal does not offer legal advice and is not meant to replace the personal and dedicated service provided by an attorney. Rather, we provide the customer with a platform that allows them to resolve their own legal issues. The service may not be suitable for some people, and if the client has a substantive legal question or requires a more complex service, we recommend they speak with an attorney.


Avenida Legal is different than other legal document preparation services in that it was founded by a Hispanic attorney specifically to service Spanish speaking clients both inside and outside the United States. Avenida Legal focuses on services that Hispanics desperately need but cannot easily find. With a new redesign and an expanded product line, Avenida Legal will continue bringing affordable do-it-yourself legal services to the underserved Hispanic community in the United States.


To learn more about Avenida Legal or its services, visit, or contact us at (888) 415-5675 for more information.

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