Wanting to Rent a Lamborghini? Los Angeles Business Owner Would Like Consumers to Check Out New Addition First

Chimera Exotics, an exotic car rental business, has added a new addition to their luxury car rental family.

The Range Rover Sport is a luxury sports utility vehicle created by the Jaguar Land Rover company. “This SUV is a modified and shortened version of the Land Rover LR3,” says Mark Chahal, who has a few luxury rental cars to choose from. “Compared to the Land Rover lineup, this is the smallest SUV they have.”

The SUV may be small in comparison to other Land Rovers; however, this option could open up a new door to the customers. This new addition could be a better pick for those with a bigger family that need to rent a car.

Not only is this vehicle roomy in comparison to the Lamborghini and Ferrari, but it also has safety features for families with small children. A couple of these features include child locks for back doors and windows and the LATCH system for child seat attachments.

“We want to broaden our inventory to give our clients options,” says Chahal. “Families should be able to rent a luxury car as well.” Also, if a client is unable to afford the price of car rent for a Ferrari or Lamborghini, the Range Rover Sport may be an option for them.

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Inquiring about how to rent a Lamborghini? Los Angeles business owner Mark Chahal can answer any questions. To learn more about Chimera Exotics luxury car rentals, visit http://www.chimeraexotics.com/.

About Chimera Exotics
Founded in 2009, Chimera Exotics serves all of Southern California from their Hollywood/Beverly Hills location – and can deliver. Their exotic rental cars, including Ferraris and Lamborghinis, are available for events such as holidays, parties, birthdays, weddings, reunions, and corporate events.

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