Website Offers Guide to Help Get Small Business Online

eBusiness Buddy provides small business in Canada with online business tips and guidance to help them take advantage of the web.

In an effort to help Canadian small businesses take advantage of online tools and technology to improve their business and grow their success, eBusiness Buddy has launched a website that offers an introductory guide to help get small business online that approaches eBusiness concepts from a small business perspective, and explains how and why to get involved.

A recent Google study discovered that while a majority of Canadians are online, less than half of small businesses have a basic website. A number of surveys say that the reason for this is that small businesses are fearful of the technology complexities and costs, or simply don’t have the time or even believe that their business can gain something from being online.

“It’s more important than ever for a small business to be online, and it’s actually very easy and affordable to get involved,” states Michael Smith, the owner of eBusiness Buddy. “However, in order to eliminate the doubts that small businesses may have about online business, they need to be given guidance on what doing business online is all about and what it means to them.”

eBusiness Buddy offers a plain and simple explanation of online business that is easy to understand for small businesses that are not well versed in technology. The aim is to provide information on a range of concepts, from a small business website, to online marketing, to back-end online tools in a manner that’s most relevant and useful to small businesses. The goal is to help small businesses become aware of, and begin to take advantage of the benefits that being online can offer.

Small businesses interested in doing business online can visit eBusiness Buddy at

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