Incentive Travel Operator Announces Forthcoming Trade Missions

Specialist incentive travel and trade missions operator CT Group Travel adds a number of new trade missions to emerging high growth markets.

Trade missions and incentive travel specialist CT Group Travel has published the next series of trade missions it will operate between now and the end of May 2012.

Out of 35 trade missions, the majority will still operate to CT Group Travel’s core regions of the Middle East and Asia. However, the company has identified four new high growth emerging markets which it will send four new dedicated trade missions to.

The new trade mission destinations will be Crimea, Nigeria, Angola and a joint mission to Argentina and Peru.

The new missions will operate on the following dates:

• Crimea – 03 to 09 October 2011
• Nigeria – 16 to 20 October 2011
• Argentina/Peru – 28 January to 04 February 2012
• Angola – 11 to 17 May 2012

Trade Missions are a fantastic way for businesses to research and meet potential trading partners in new geographic areas they have not operated in before, and travelling as part of an organised CT Group Travel trade mission certainly helps businesses cut to the chase in receiving good quality introductions to the local business community.

Each mission is meticulously researched and planned. Through working with various mission sponsors both in the UK and in the country to be visited, a brief is created of the mission’s purpose, which is then circulated to the marketplace so meetings are secured with relevant companies who have expressed an interest in meeting those companies attending.

Every trade mission has a mission leader who is both fluent in the local language and has an in-depth knowledge of the region being visited and its local customs, and they are available to assist mission members throughout the trip. In addition to the mission leader, many trade missions are often accompanied by a VIP or Parliamentarian figure that has direct involvement in the country or region being visited. This adds huge credibility to the trips and can open many doors, opportunities that would not be available to businesses travelling independently.
UNIGLOBE member CT Group Travel are also specialist conference organisers, providing conference management services worldwide. In addition the company operates many successful corporate rewards schemes; travel incentives for employees are proving to be a very popular way to motivate staff to hit company targets, especially when there are free flight tickets or paid overseas holidays being offered.

For more information concerning CT Group Travel’s services please call +44 (0) 1892 673 427.

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