Printing Company in Los Angeles Acquires New Press

Los Angeles, CA – Mir Print & Graphics, a printing company in Los Angeles, has recently acquired an advanced new printing press. Kodak’s NexPress will let Mir print on a wider range of materials and provide additional services to its customers.

Besides coated and uncoated papers, NexPress is capable of printing on more than 600 different substances, including: micro-perforated substrates, linens, static clings, plastics, magnets and many other materials. “The new printing press will let us provide a broader range of products,” notes Robert Mirzakhanian, owner of Mir Print, a provider of custom printed products. “It will convey some real advantages to our clients.”

The NexPress device has a duty cycle of as many as 4 million pages per month and print speeds of 91, 109 or 131 pages per minute (ppm) depending on the product being printed. The NexPress also produces checks and other documents which have improved security features like protection coating, watermarking, MICR printing and red fluorescing ink. The new press offers unique options as well, such as dimensional printing, a kind of raised print which will let customers differentiate their printed materials from others and make them more noticeable.

In addition, NexPress features a matte finish printing mode and utilizes a new HD light black ink for photos that allows for smoother and more realistic skin tones. A long sheet mode lets the company print sheets that are 26″/660mm, allowing them to produce six-page brochures, landscape book and dust covers, and posters.

“The NexPress is particularly helpful for shorter runs, permitting us to offer same-day service and extra products,” notes Mirzakhanian, whose company also does Los Angeles flyer printing and offers graphic designers. “Clients are often seeking new ways of marketing their business; this machine offers some unique choices – such as magnets and dimensional printing. We can now say ‘yes’ to many more projects.”

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To learn more about Mir Print & Graphics, visit their website at or call them at 877-313-9330.

About Mir Print & Graphics
Mir Print & Graphics is a one-stop print shop located in the heart of Los Angeles, CA. Since opening their doors in 1997, Mir Print has grown into a leader among regional printing companies by continually adapting to new technologies in the industry and keeping costs low.

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