SalesKB Just Made Sales Enablement Simple

Company launches web-based application for sales teams and their selling content;replaces intranet graveyards and outdated networked folders

SalesKB, the company that simplifies sales enablement, today announced the public availability of its namesake product, SalesKB. With this announcement, SalesKB becomes the industry’s most user-friendly application for searching, sharing and managing the sales enablement content which is critical to the success of any sales organization. Delivered via the cloud, SalesKB provides immediate ROI for sales teams of all sizes, by freeing up valuable time for revenue generating sales activities.  

According to Forrester Research, “the average salesperson spends 7 hours per week looking for relevant information to prepare for sales calls.” Adding to this frustration, when they are found, sales tools often are out of date, or lack context as to their best use. SalesKB alleviates this common pain by delivering the right sales enablement content at the right time.

SalesKB becomes the sales team’s internal search engine for their sales tools, providing Google-like speed and accuracy when identifying searched content. Its value proposition does not end there, however. SalesKB also provides additional context around your selling tools by adding “situational awareness” to each piece of content.  Now, sales professionals can narrow their focus onto the sales tool they need the most for a given situation, filtering by tool type, a prospect’s role, their industry, even the current stage of the sales cycle the account is currently in.  This additional context is what sets SalesKB apart.  Once the proper content has been identified, it can be immediately emailed to the prospect from within SalesKB, with that activity tracked in, automatically.  

“Having supported sales teams throughout my career, I know first-hand the challenges associated with maintaining sales enablement materials”, said Roy Kim, Co-Founder and General Manager of SalesKB. “We designed SalesKB to simplify sales enablement and make it easier for sales professionals to do what they do best – sell.  We look forward to helping our customers replace the legacy intranets and networked folders that are a burden on their IT colleagues”.

Effective sales enablement is the foundation for driving sales performance in any size sales organization. The portals, intranets and content management systems that were originally poised to solve this challenge quickly became overrun with old, outdated and stale content, creating more confusion. SalesKB is intended as a replacement for traditional solutions, by acting as an agile, rapid time-to-value alternative, that is vastly more cost-effective than its predecessors.  

Delivered as Software-as-a-Service (SaaS), there is no burden on IT teams to deploy or maintain SalesKB, and sales teams can be up and running in as little as 10 minutes.  SalesKB includes an integrated email applet, as well as an integration with, to track the communications with prospects and customers.

Pricing and Availability
30 day trials of SalesKB are available now, with pricing starting at $20 per user, per month. Volume discounts are available.  To learn more and to start your free trial, visit

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About SalesKB
SalesKB is simplifying sales enablement.  We provide a secure and easy way for organizations of all sizes to share and manage their sales enablement content online, from anywhere in the world.  Our customers use SalesKB to make their sales professionals more effective and efficient, recovering as much as 20% of a work week in time lost looking for sales tools. SalesKB is privately held and based in San Diego, CA.  Follow us on Twitter @saleskb. For more information, please visit

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