Surgeon Advises Women to Research Labiaplasty for the Swimsuit Season

Dr. Mark Scheinberg, a vagina surgery specialist, warns women to conduct thorough research when selecting a labiaplasty provider. Bathing suit season often causes women to consider obtaining a labiaplasty.

“Summer is here,” observes Scheinberg, a vaginal rejuvenation surgery specialist. “Women begin to consider how they’ll look in their bikinis.” Many women, however, experience enlarged labia that can bulge or pinch in a bathing suit. “I frequently talk with patients who explain that they are too embarrassed by their appearance to wear swimsuits,” notes Scheinberg, a Tallahassee labiaplasty specialist. Many women’s anxieties are functional as well as aesthetic. Extra large labia can pull or pinch when a woman exercises and can reduce sexual pleasure during intercourse.

Labiaplasty can address these concerns. Labiaplasty is a type of surgery on genital structures that reshapes and changes the look of the labial area. For example, some labiaplasty techniques might make the labia more smooth and symmetrical or they might shorten the sides of the inner labia while contouring the outer lips. “After labiaplasty, my patients feel much better about their appearance,” says Scheinberg, a vaginal reduction surgery expert.

“Even if you are ready to sign up for the surgery, you must do your research,” cautions Scheinberg, who also does vaginal reconstructive procedures. “Don’t settle on the first doctor you find who performs labiaplasties.” Almost all doctors just provide straightforward or partial amputation labiaplasties. They are unfamiliar with other methods and do not have the highest quality training or a lot of experience.

Vaginal relaxation surgery expert Scheinberg provides seven different labiaplasty procedures and has performed hundreds of labiaplasties. He studied labiaplasty with the well-known expert Professor Adam Ostrzenski, Ph.D. Scheinberg also designed his own procedure: the Mark V mini labiaplasty, which especially focuses on the aesthetics of the labia. The technique takes a small area of the excess skin to replace the entire oversized labia. This process conceals the sutures inside the labia’s contours, making the area more attractive.

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About Dr. Mark Scheinberg
Board Certified in Obstetrics and Gynecology in the state of Florida since 1981, Dr. Scheinberg offers the latest in minimally invasive vaginal surgery. Scheinberg has trained under the world-renowned Professor Adam Ostrzenski, Ph.D. He is an internationally known speaker and lecturer about cosmetic gynecology.

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