San Diego Air Conditioning, Heating Company Offers Simple Way to Protect Air Conditioning Units from Freon thieves

SAN DIEGO, CALIFORNIA – Theft of air conditioning refrigerant is becoming more widespread, according to Gabriel Carini, a San Diego air conditioning, heating service and installation provider.

Air conditioning refrigerant, or Freon, is one of many inhalants used by some people for a quick, potentially fatal high. Individuals looking for a high are targeting HVAC units because access to them is easy.

“A locking refrigerant cap is the simplest, least expensive solution to prevent Freon theft,” says Carini, owner of Carini Heating and Air Conditioning, a company that services San Diego County.

The caps, found at hardware stores for less than $30, lock onto the access points on the outdoor unit. A San Diego heating air and cooling technician can also install them during a heating repair call, bi-annual unit inspection or system installation.

“This remedy prevents children, teens or adults from gaining access to dangerous refrigerant fluid, and the owner from having to refill the unit’s Freon,” says Carini, the heating and air san Diego expert.

The color-coded, tamper-resistant covers fit on the access points of all standard air conditioning units. Installation is simple: the caps are screwed on. They can only be removed from the air conditioners refrigerant lines with a special key.

The International Mechanical Code and International Residential Code mandated in 2009 that all refrigerant circuit access ports located outdoors should be fitted with locking-type tamper-resistant caps. “One of our heating and air conditioning repair and installation experts can help you determine whether or not your unit is protected,” says Carini.
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