Versapak helps schools ensure safe handling of papers and cash

UK-based Versapak has seen a rise in demand from schools for its secure mailing bags and pouches with staff handling ever-increasing volumes of paperwork and cash.

The company is a long-established supplier to schools but says the modern requirement to secure and store paperwork and cash has prompted a steady rise in orders.

These strong and durable tamper-evident bags and pouches are specially designed to protect important items such as loose money, exam papers, pupil records, results, personal effects and confidential files. The company also supplies large security sacks and holdalls for storing equipment, as well as satchels, garment bags and personalised school bags. In addition, Versapak can design and manufacture bespoke products to meet the particular needs of individual schools.

Julie Goddard, Business Manager for Public Sector at Versapak, said: “At a time when the responsibilities of schools are expanding with more autonomy and financial control, it’s more important than ever that they have the necessary accessories to ensure safety and security. The protection of documents, cash and other valuable items as they are delivered between departments or locations is vital.”

The growing number of functions performed internally by schools not only requires secure bags and packages but also a highly organised system of handling mail. Versapak is also a specialist provider of mailroom furniture and equipment, and offers bespoke mailroom solutions to help schools create a tidy, well-organised and easy-to-use hub for incoming and outgoing mail.

Logical and ergonomic mailrooms, designed specifically to suit the school and its staff, can make a significant contribution to the efficient and smooth running of operations.

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