Safeware Quasar host regulatory focus group for UK’s leading retailers

Safeware Quasar, market leader in (M)SDS software and chemical regulatory consultancy, hosted a focus group specifically for the UK’s leading retailers.

Hazi Mistry, Managing Director of Safeware (see photo) commented, “Safeware brought together key players in the retail industry to help review and manage the switchover to the new chemical regulations in particular from CHIP/DPD to the CLP regulations.  As well as discussing how to raise consumer awareness, the forum was used to develop a strategy to ensure all chemical based products within the retail supply chain would meet the legal changes well in advance of the 2015 regulatory deadlines. It was a very productive day which gave a clear focus on the challenges posed to retailers supplying chemical products and best practices for managing the change.”

Many of the retailers attending already use Safeware’s My-SDS solution ( as a common portal to facilitate the management of chemical regulatory data, including newly revised REACH Annex II Safety Data Sheets from suppliers. Consequently My-SDS enables the retailers to fulfill their legal obligations for the provision of hazard information to consumers for online sales of chemical goods via their respective ecommerce sites, in accordance with Article 48 of Chemical Labelling and Packaging Regulations (EC) 1272/2008.

Hazi Mistry from Safeware also demonstrated the latest updates to My-SDS, including the ability to archive safety data sheets for products that have been previously marketed by customers for up to 10 years.

Guest speaker Bob Warner of Chemwise attended the seminar to discuss challenges posed by REACH in particular  SVHCs monitoring ,REACH enforcement and compliance with Article 33 and how best retailers could remain compliant with this obligation. The meeting was also used as a forum to discuss compliance with EUP regulations and how the new version of My-SDS could be used as a tool to manage the retailers obligation with this new requirement.

Based on the positive feedback received from the retailers, Safeware will continue to host a series of meetings throughout the year to help retailers stay compliant with the ever changing chemical regulations (REACH and CLP), and develop the My-SDS solution accordingly. 

For more information on MySDS or Safeware’s SDS Professional software, contact Safeware on 0115 965 1888

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