ClearCenter Releases ClearBOX 100 Hybrid Gateway Appliance Line

-New hardware offering brings affordable yet powerful IT solution to small business, education and enterprise in an all-in-one server, network & gateway appliance-

ClearCenter, a leading provider of hybrid IT and on-premise open source Linux server, network & gateway solutions, today announced its ClearBOX 100 line of all-in-one appliances. Thanks to ClearBOX hardware and ClearCenter’s time-tested ClearOS management tools, organizations can protect employees from objectionable web content, prevent hackers from accessing sensitive data and fully manage their networks–all with just one device.

The ClearBOX 100 is a secure and powerful “IT in a box” solution that replaces an entire rack of separate server, network & gateway equipment saving money and simplifying IT management. The ClearBOX 100 addresses multiple IT needs including content filtration, intrusion detection, antivirus, antispam, firewall, and VPN services. It can also act as a file, email, web, print and database server.

The ClearBOX is the first server, network & gateway appliance product line to seamlessly integrate on-premise and cloud-based services. This Hybrid IT solution leverages the best elements of cloud applications and services as well as on-premise security and efficiency to offer the most productive open source IT platform available. For example, an organization’s Google Apps account can be fully managed from within the ClearBOX’s ClearOS console and integrated with user settings system wide.

The ClearBOX 100 is also unique within the server, network & gateway appliance industry in that one or more units can be configured in multiple mission-critical failover modes to ensure internet connectivity and network protection at all times.

“ClearCenter has given organizations a way to reduce costs associated with capital purchases of needed IT hardware because the ClearBOX 100 consolidates most every needed business service on a single hardware device,” said ClearCenter CEO Michael Proper. “Our customers are seeing additional cost savings through ClearOS’s implementation of a smart web-management interface that makes previously difficult tasks such as server configuration easy and manageable.”

The ClearBOX 100 comes in three models starting at $899. Upgrade options include support for up to 100 users and a built-in Wi-Fi router allowing one ClearBOX to truly replace the stack of legacy devices found in a typical organization’s server closet today.

The ClearBOX 100 Hybrid Gateway Appliance line is available directly from or from a wide range of ClearCenter partners and resellers.

About ClearCenter
ClearCenter, based in Salt Lake City, Utah – U.S.A. and Toronto, Ontario – Canada, is the leader in providing a Hybrid IT platform for service providers based on ClearOS. Visit for more information about ClearCenter.

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