Canadian Postal Service Alternative For Checks provides Canadian businesses that rely on the postal service an alternative.  “ The check is in the mail” is no longer relevant with their NEW vCheck service.

 Ft. Lauderdale, Florida June 21, 2011 – an innovator and leader in the payment acceptance industry has launched a service that makes the postal service obsolete. The recent service interruption at the Canadian Post has created a significant demand for virtual checks. Servistree’s vCheck provides Canadian businesses with the ability to receive checks as a payment from all customers in Canada and the USA, vCheck is not an ACH and does not require a US bank account. The system is simple and cost effective.  VCheck allows you or your payee to enter their check information securely on line, which instantly creates a ready-to-print PDF. Just print on blank check forms and deposit at the bank all for a minimum yearly fee and without any transaction or processing fees. For more information visit


Servistree was founded in 2009 in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida. Servistree provides marketing solutions for businesses to help increase sales and cost cutting programs to improve profits. Servistree develops innovative products and services designed to produce proven results for any sized business. For more information about Servistree visit

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