Mirametrix Launches New Eye Tracker

New S2 Eye Tracker from Mirametrix is More Portable, Lightweight and Designed for Academic and Market Research Studies

Mirametrix Research today announced the launch of their new eye tracker, the S2. It’s a more portable, lightweight version of their previous eye tracking product.

The S2 is an affordable eye tracker ideal for academic and market research. It is used globally for research in psychology, neuroscience, reading and more. The S2 Eye Tracker is also used in web usability and game studies. 

“The S2 Eye Tracker is the easiest and most cost effective way to do desktop focused eye tracking research,” said Helge Seetzen, CEO Mirametrix Research.

The S2 Eye Tracker is portable and lightweight. It can be setup in less than two minutes and calibrates in seconds. The S2 Eye Tracker comes with software for analyzing gaze data in real time and an API for integrating with other applications.

“People are now seeing the potential of using eye tracking research in many different ways,” said Helge Seetzen. “With the S2, eye tracking is affordable and straightforward, which makes it easier than ever to study eye movement and gaze tracking.”

About Mirametrix Research

Mirametrix Research is a Montreal-based company specializing in affordable, easy to use eye tracking solutions. The S2 Eye Tracker is used in academic research, market research, education, game design and usability studies, providing customers with an extremely simple eye tracker and analytics. For more information visit mirametrix.com


Helge Seetzen, CEO Mirametrix Research

(438) 380-5435 – www.mirametrix.com

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