Email Archiving Software Offers New Versatility

– Choosing an email archiving software system can be complicated since there are different vendors offering solutions.

Organizations should select aflexible compliance solution that can be delivered in different ways. Cryoserver’s email archiving system is available as archiving software, as an email archiving appliance, or as a hosted in-the-cloud archiving service. The solution is the same in each delivery system. Below are some factors to consider when selecting a method:

  • In-the-Cloud or In-House: Do you want information in-house or in a data centre? A third party centre provides an additional layer of back-up and security without needing to acquire the appliance and its costs. However, archiving in a data centre may be contrary to your organization’s IT or compliance policies.
  • Appliance or Software:Unless your company has an IT department experienced with installing and maintaining servers and software applications, a plug-and-play appliance is probably the most cost effective. For organizations with the infrastructure and storage available, the Cryoserver software – as a virtual image or as a Linux or Windows application – is a cost effective choice compared to an appliance or in-the-cloud option.
  • Cost: The expense for the choices varies, but the lifetime costs differ according to the number of users and email volume s. A cloud system might be the most expensive and an archiving appliance the cheapest option over time. Depending on your budget and environment, Cryoserver can determine a solution that works.
  • Migrating Between Options: Archiving is a long-term proposition; most companies must retain data for at least six years – and during that time circumstances might change. Cryoserver email archiving system is available in a variety of different ways and is simple to migrate between solutions. If your organization needs a managed service today and an appliance tomorrow, you can easily switch from one to the other.

Variety in delivery systems means Cryoserver can work seamlessly in the plans of any size business. If your company grows or changes, Cryoserver can change, too.

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About Cryoserver
Cryoserver works with various global partners and resellers in a number of markets worldwide. With clients in over 20 countries, the Cryoserver forensic compliance system is the world’s leading compliance solution for email and other electronic data.

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