Canadian Development in Mexico Reaches Completion

“The Viewpoint” in Puerto Angel is an oceanfront condominium project in Puerto Angel, Oaxaca, Mexico. This project was built by Canadians and sold exclusively to Canadians. The owners and staff are pleased to announce the completion of construction on the project.

There a few units still for sale, states Daniel Weiner of Calgary, Alberta.  “Now that the project is complete we suspect that the remainder of these units will sell quickly.” Mr. Weiner is the VP of Sales and Marketing for the development.

“This project has incredible views.” says Brandon James Antonini of Calgary, Alberta. Mr. Antonini has been involved with sales in “The Viewpoint” project since its launch in 2008. “Having all Canadian owners in the project creates the best environment for enjoyment and management of the property in the coming years.” Brandon Antonini is quoted as saying.  Both Mr. Antonini and Mr. Weiner are involved with one other Canadian development in the region.

More information is available on the project website at

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