Interior Design for Kitchens: First Steps

When it comes to planning luxury bespoke kitchens and high-end kitchens it can be difficult to know where to start. It is important to approach your new bespoke kitchen or fitted kitchen from the right angle and to never compromise on good interior design. The questions you need to ask yourself are the same, whichever route you go down, and finding the solutions to these will make the difference between a passable kitchen and the perfect marriage of form and function for your home.

What do you like?

You do not need to become an interior design expert yourself, but it is good practice to start a scrapbook of bespoke kitchens and fitted kitchens which catch your eye. Researching current trends for both bespoke kitchens and fitted kitchens will help bring your ideas into focus and may introduce exciting new directions. When you enlist an interior design consultant, your scrapbook will give them invaluable insight into the styles you like.

How do you use it? 

Is your kitchen a formal entertaining space or the neighbourhood ‘gossiporium’? Do you prepare microwave suppers or gourmet feasts? Which fittings and features do you need and what would be useless clutter? Remember, it is not enough for your kitchen to look good – even the most exquisite in bespoke kitchens will come up lacking if it is also impractical!

What can you afford?

Good interior design is interior design that acknowledges its budget. You should expect to pay more for bespoke kitchens but that is not to say that good quality fitted kitchens are cheap in comparison. Either can be costly and it is important to calculate funds from the off. Whether you want the most decadent in bespoke kitchens or the least assuming in fitted kitchens, your interior design consultant needs to know what they are working with.

Who should you work with?

Some interior design companies provide only bespoke kitchens or fitted kitchens. Whilst this is fine, choosing a company which offers both bespoke kitchen and fitted kitchen services will increase your options – they will have a greater range of products to offer you and broader experience to draw from. Exhibitions can also be a great way to view a range of bespoke kitchens, fitted kitchens, kitchen fittings and accessories all in one location.

Lastly, when consulting an interior designer, remember that it is your vision they want to realise. Help them by speaking up and always be clear on what you like and dislike.

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