Digital Hollywood 2011 Shift In Technology Is Causing Chaos in Venture Funding

Digital Hollywood 2011: “The shift in technology is causing a chaos situation” in Venture Funding, Entertainment, Mobile & Games

Steven Masur, MasurLaw joins Kushal Saha, Cascadia Capital; Len Rand, Granite Ventures; Larry Marcus, Walden Venture Capital; and Derek L. Norton, Watertower Group in a panel moderated by Joey Tamer, S.O.S. Inc.

DIGITAL HOLLYWOOD 2011: Steven Masur, Senior Attorney, MasurLaw

Managing New Media Contracts: An Attorney’s Perspective.

“The shift in technology is causing a chaos situation where whole new categories are starting and old categories are getting peeled off – and it’s all happening very quickly…A lot of people will lose their market share. Other people will gain that market share and maybe even expand it.”

By Jon Stolzberg

—Steven Masur, Senior Attorney at MasurLaw in New York City, isn’t fazed by the many changes affecting the way that Hollywood is doing business today.  He’s seen it all before.  Since 1994, Steven and his Associates have worked with start-up companies in cable, music, video, gaming, internet and mobile, helping shape new business models and creating the legal structures that enable them to function and prosper.

“We wrote some of the earliest internet software, video and music licensing, banner–ad, link–sharing, cross–promotion, co–branding, affiliate, syndication and e–commerce agreements, which, today, form the backbone of the media, entertainment, content and e–commerce businesses…”

MasurLaw now also covers corporate transactions, including venture capital and mergers and acquisitions;  general counsel activities;  intellectual property rights and start-ups.

The challenge for targeted firms like his is to figure out how to create “new contracts that will work for new delivery methods and new products that relate to social media and  mobile”  and to figure out “how those products will interact with traditional media and traditional media consumption.”

Steve was a panelist at the recent Digital Hollywood Conference, discussing Venture Funding, Investment and Mergers.   In this interview we discuss some of the subjects that came up during the Panel, including why Steve thinks these are “frothy” times in the investment world.  His insight, analysis and advice, based on years of experience and a sharp focus on emerging and existing entertainment law,  is worth listening to.

-Steve Masur:


WAYAWDYD: Who Are You and What Do You Do ?

Steve Masur

A videoblog by Jon Stolzberg

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