One size doesn’t fit all

Brand-Rex was the first manufacturer to recognise the divergent requirements of Enterprise cabling and Data Centre cabling and to develop specific solutions for each.

For the Enterprise, Brand-Rex has exceptionally high quality solution sets that are all fully component compliant to the more stringent European  ISO/IEC standards with 10GPlus for Category EA / Class EA, CAT6Plus for Category 6 / Class E, and GigaPlus for Category 5e / Class D.

All of these are full end-to end solutions covering cables, jacks, patch panels and patch cords, supported with a variety of patching cabinets and frames and a 25 year System Warranty and a lifetime Applications Warranty when installed by an approved Brand-Rex Channel Partner.

Brand-Rex ( has the most advanced suite of Data Centre specific products designed to increase reliability and uptime as well as space efficiency, future proofing and scalability.

Brand-Rex Zone Cable significantly reduces the physical volume occupied by Category 6A / Class EA cables both underfloor (improving airflow and reducing cooling costs) and within patching cabinets/racks where conventional 10G cables are a major problem.

Brand-Rex high density patch cabinet/rack efficiently houses 864 ports in only a 900x500mm footprint allowing a massive 1728 patching ports in the space of a single 900m cabinet.

Double-density ½U patch panels enable 48 ports in 1U but without the difficulties associated with 48-port single-panel approaches.


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