The Lawn Care Guy Goes Hi-Tech With Social Media

Affectionately called “The lawn Care Guy”, Hungarian-born Gabor Morva, who relied heavily on newspaper ads and mailbox flyers, discovered this Spring he wasn’t getting as many responses as he previously had. With all the rage going on about online marketing, he got even more perplexed because he knew nothing about computers, and the Internet, and besides, he didn’t even know how to access his email address setup by his friend.

But fortunately for Gabor, one of his clients, a Mr. Glenn Coleman of came to his rescue with an ambitious bartering plan.

According to Gabor, Mr. Coleman is an Internet Marketer who having heard of his marketing plight, decided to trade his online marketing skills for Gabor’s lawn care services.

Mr Coleman said “I was inspired to help by Gabor’s friendly character, super lawn care service, and his sharing of the place where he got his favourite Hungarian sausages (smile). He immediately felt like a friend.”

Today, Gabor has a new lawn care website,, that’s ready to be launched in the next couple of days (April 29, 2011). “I am indeed grateful to Mr. Coleman who has stepped in to save the day, because now, not only will I be capturing email addresses to build a list, advertising with Google PPC, Google Places, Facebook PPC, Twitter, Craigslist,, Canpages,, and Buy&Sell, but I’ll be harnessing the power of free publicity via press release, article marketing, blogging, you name it,” said an appreciative Gabor as he read the description of his newly acquired cyber real estate and the enormous possibilities that this has opened up for him.

“Taking my business can be considered my entrepreneurial rebirth,” he added with some degree of enthusiasm of a new convert.

Soon, The Lawn Care Guy will have a custom-built email marketing list that will enable him to better know and understand the needs of his clients; and they will get to know him better too; buy more of his other services, namely tree pruning, junk, rubbish or winter snow removal, and as an aside, he’ll have a smarter way of passing out to his Vancouver and North Shore clients the address of the butcher where he gets his tasty Hungarian sausages.

“I am indeed thrilled to be able to help the little guy against all these larger companies pushing Mr. Morva out of” said Gabor’s new marketing guru, Mr. Coleman.

If you need help with your lawn, or need junk, rubbish, or snow removal, Gabor invites you to call him at 604-716-1662, or visit his new website,, or follow him on twitter @lawncarevan.

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