iLoop Mobile Offers Free Mobile Business Card App for Local Retailers

Leading mobile marketing provider iLoop Mobile today launched , a free mobile device app to help local retailers and businesses enter the world of mobile marketing.

TxtCard is an easy-to-use online service that allows anyone with a U.S. phone number to share information through a SMS text with a customized keyword to the number ”20757”. Although standard text messaging rates apply, there is no charge for the service or the short code.

TxtCard uses SMS capabilities to reach the full spectrum of mobile devices available in the market. According to a ComScore Mobilens survey conducted in January 2011, out of the 234M U.S. mobile subscribers, 71.9 percent use feature phones while only 28.1 percent use smartphones.

To help educate the market about the new mobile channel, iLoop Mobile is inviting local business owners to use to try their own mobile marketing campaign. The application demonstrates the simplicity of mobile marketing.

Signing up for a Txtcard takes less than a minute and the message is ready to be distributed.  Since the TxtCard can be updated instantly, the service can be used in a variety of ways ranging from promoting special offers to business cards. Each TxtCard has a maximum limit of 160 characters, which leaves room to include discounts, games, addresses, taglines, quotes, or social media handles, etc. TxtCard is not an alert subscription: it is a one-time SMS transaction. Customers control their alerts by texting whenever they want to find out new deals or specials. The username chosen is the keyword sent to the short code and is unique to each user, on a first-come, first-served basis.

Jared Mendiola of Fresh Cold Produce, a video production company in Santa Clara, California, said: “Now that I use, I can reach out to more people while I’m on the go. Sometimes I forget to bring business cards to the events I go to, and this is an innovative new way to spread the word about my business.”

“Our restaurant competes with other places and we are always looking for creative ways to reach out to customers,” said Jun Chon, Owner and Executive Chef at the BlueFin Japanese Restaurant, located in San Jose, California. “TxtCard helped us kick off our social media marketing. It’s easy to customize and easy for our customers to use. We are doing a mix of weekly specials and games, like a txt clue hunt, where every week customers text our short code SUSHI, collect clues to find a word and win prizes.”

“We originally created TxtCard as a business card and mobile marketing tool for iLoop Mobile customers, but we’ve have received demands for other usage and have decided to make it available to anyone with a U.S.  phone number,” said Matt Harris, CEO of iLoop Mobile. “Many small businesses and local retailers may not realize that mobile marketing is so easy, and now they can try it for free.”

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As the leading mobile marketing service organization, iLoop Mobile offers brands, agencies and media companies access to the world’s best mobile platform and the industry expertise to go with it. Our core values are an unwavering commitment to our customers, an unshakeable commitment to innovation and an on-going commitment to educating the mobile marketplace. iLoop Mobile’s solutions include SMS/MMS marketing and messaging initiatives, mobile coupons point of sale integration, digital CRM mobile messaging, location-based services and targeting, mobile internet sites, mobile content delivery, and APIs that permit a wide range of other mobile services. iLoop Mobile offers its solutions platform as a self-service SaaS (software as a service) license with strategic professional services when needed. 

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