Buyosphere Turns Consumers Into Tastemakers (formerly opens it’s doors to the public as a platform dedicated to helping individuals express themselves through their material world. The startup emerges with a new look and an emphasis on auto-curation. Tara Hunt, Buyosphere’s CEO, explained that “We practically scream out who we are through online tools like blogs, Foursquare, Twitter and Facebook.

We share where we’re at, what we’re eating, who we’re hanging out with and what we’re listening to. There is nothing more expressive than how we spend our money. Buyosphere makes it easy to create a taste profile for yourself, share it, connect with others and discover things at the edge of the web.” Buyosphere aims to enable taste makers of all sorts to emerge. “I have friends I can ask for advice on which mobile phone I should buy, but I wouldn’t ask for their opinion on where to get a great pair of sandals. We’ll be tracking how people influence in various categories and help you find the people in your network that you can get the best advice from,” Hunt explained in regards to tracking users’ Buyometrics.

How does it work? Users create their Buyography by adding items they’ve bought and own through simple tools such as the Buyosphere bookmarklet. Then they can group products together in meaningful Collections such as “my beauty regimen”, “gadgets I can’t live without” or “my travel essentials”. Collections and individual products can be shared to Facebook, Twitter and embedded into your blog. In the near future, there will be additional tools built to help enhance the information people add, bringing utility, serendipity and self-expression to product data. “Personal information is only as interesting as the context around it,” said Hunt “Ultimately, the future of ME-commerce will be enhanced through us understanding our own buying behaviour.”

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