SafeCom 2011 deemed a resounding success by all attending delegates

March 3rd 2011 saw the annual SafeCom conference for regulatory compliance take place at Eastwood Hall in Nottinghamshire, UK. The conference was organised and hosted by Safeware Quasar Ltd and was attended by over 140 delegates from all over Europe, who have the responsibility for Chemical Regulatory Compliance within their respective organisations.

The conference featured regulatory experts from both Europe and the US including Bob Warner from Reach Ready, Michele Sullivan from MRS Associates (US) with 2 speakers, Simon Robinson and  Hazi Mistry from Safeware Quasar.  The speakers provided an insight and offered clear direction into current chemical regulatory topics in order to facilitate organisational planning and legislation implementation.

Bob Warner from Reach Ready discussed the implications of CLP and the impacts upon organisations. He noted that the demands of legislation are likely to increase over the years ahead and advised that firms need a clear and focussed plan if they are to remain compliant and competitive within their sector.

Simon Robinson, Director of Safeware Quasar explains: “Given the degree and complexity of the changes, the conference is essential for companies involved in any sector of the chemical industry. The conference offers the perfect opportunity for delegates and speakers to share best practice and engage in technical conversations which will help fulfil their compliance requirements.”

After a third-party market research company conducted a post-event telephone poll to all delegates, 100% of them complimented the conference on providing them with the absolute up-to-date information in chemical legislation. Again, all of the delegates also commented on the conference’s usefulness for expert opinions and relevance to companies involved in the chemical sector.

SafeCom 2011 has been declared a success with many delegates hoping to return next year. Simon Robinson continues: “Due to the success of SafeCom 2011 we will be holding the conference again next year, this time with the capacity to house more delegates and other expert contributions.

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