Grand Designs On Children’s Play From SmartPlayhouse

SmartPlayhouse has launched a new concept in children´s playhouses, inspired by contemporary architecture. They are designed as a modern and comfortable space, which help bring your child’s imagination to life, through an advanced design concept where functionality and the use of high-quality materials are key.
David Lamolla Kristiansen, the founder of SmartPlayhouse, who is half Danish, was visiting his family in Denmark in 2007, when he realised that many gardens in Denmark are equipped with a playhouse. He thought that it would be beneficial to introduce the concept of well designed and functional playhouses to Southern Europe and started to create initial designs, while continuing working with a colleague in their own office as architects.

David says, “When my first daughter was born I knew I wanted to dedicate my time to the creation of a place just for her; where she could discover and develop without the direct intervention of her parents.
Children`s playhouses are not a new product, especially in Northern Europe where this type of construction in the garden is very common. I myself had a traditional style cabin in the garden of my family`s home in Denmark.

I decided to bring this concept to Spain, but I was sure I wanted to create something very unique. From that moment I started designing various models and part of the result can be seen on our website. I designed various prototypes in different styles, and together with my team we decided to start offering a small selection from those ideas.”

In June 2009, SmartPlayhouse was born. David looked for manufacturers for his playhouse designs. The number of designs was reduced to four, still available in different sizes, which went from the drawing board to the factory. It took another year before all the prototypes were finished and the company website went online in October 2010. In December 2010 SmartPlayhouse started selling in Spain and now, in March 2011, they are entering the wider European market. The English website went online in February 2011 and in March 2011 the site will also be available in German.

Childhood is a time to explore and create and SmartPlayhouse playhouses are made for children to discover their own world of adventure. The style and design allow a child unlimited scope for creativity, engaging with playmates and self development through role play, conflict resolution and sharing. Playing in a SmartPlayhouse playhouse encourages relationship building and can help a child develop a sense of where they belong in the world. How many of us have great memories of playing being ‘mum’ or inviting our friends to join us for imaginary feasts? Soft toys become play mates; dolls come to life and all while your children are not even aware that their play is helping their cognitive development.

SmartPlayhouse playhouses encourage children to become independent and foster an integral part of their emotional growth during their childhood.  Inspired by the Nordic pedagogical tradition, the playhouses offer children their own stylish space to organise themselves, share experiences and be adventurous. Children can relish having their own retreat, a place to play, hide and think for themselves. They can play with enthusiasm and abandon in a safe but free environment where there is no fear of the consequences of self expression.

SmartPlayhouse also consider safety as a major factor in the design and build of their playhouses. The main component is birch marine board, used in the air/sea industries, since it offers longevity, strength and ecological sustainability. The playhouse windows are made of methacrylate, an organic material that does not chip or break like glass and is very impact resistant. The forages, hinges, screws and the outdoor clasp are all made of stainless steel to avoid being harmed by harsh weather. All the openings have rubber gaskets to assure for permanent sealing against any air or water. The key lock is produced with aluminium alloy. All corners on the SmartPlayhouse playhouses that your children can be in contact with are bevelled to avoid injury and paints used are water-based, suitable for use in toys for children. The doors are protected with rubber to avoid little fingers being pinched and indoor flooring in the houses is non-slip.

We are living in a world where computer games and the internet have had a huge influence over how our children learn and play. Whilst there are many benefits from engaging with the world of technology, there is no doubt that the art of imaginative play is of utmost importance to our children’s ongoing development. Children love playhouses. They are magical places for fun, excitement and joy and outdoor play is often the route away from our sedentary lifestyles and towards more physical activity. This non-directed playtime also encourages team work, decision making, conflict resolution and role playing. The development of these skills encourages a child to develop an aptitude for integrating into society whilst retaining their sense of self.

There are many benefits to outdoor play which are easily catered for with SmartPlayhouse’s outdoor models. Children can run, jump, and experiment with boisterous behaviour that can be limiting with indoor play. Children learn about their environment, appreciate sensory stimulation and freedom. Parents can keep a watchful eye as their children create their own fantasy worlds and lifelong memories.

The advantages of the type of SmartPlayhouse’s playhouse construction for children are based on the culture of experimentation and development as the main factor of their growth. Children are encouraged to spend time in their own space and through playing they become capable of exploring their curiosity and creativity as well as fostering their independence. In addition, SmartPlayhouse has found the way for this environment to promote values like aesthetics, the distribution of their own space and learning the basic essentials of a discipline as relevant today as architecture. Parents and children love the visually appealing and modern designs.

Childhood dreams are made in SmartPlayhouse playhouses.

Kyoto: Design and technical Japanese Avant-garde

Of Japanese inspiration, the Kyoto follows the extreme conceptual architectural tendencies, which aim to mesh the physical and virtual world. With its futuristic style, focused on giving the architecture a solid physical presence through the use of technology, it is a dazzling and very original playhouse.  Made of wood with a shiny finish, the KYOTO is an ideal space for children to develop their imagination. The outdoor Kyoto is available in three sizes. There is also an option for fun inside the home with the Kyoto Indoor.

The Kyoto Indoor is designed so that the smallest members of the family can have fun inside the home. It´s a perfect space for going in and out, storing their treasures, discovering privacy and learning to share.

Casaforum: Exquisite architecture for the garden

Of elegant and refined architecture, the “skin” of the Casaforum is applied in an impeccable manner, with transparencies, textures and patterns. It is coated with a perforated steel sheet, with the holes shaped like vine leaves and a highly shiny finish, giving it a touch of soft and elegant colour. The Casaforum is available in the following dimensions: 1.60 x 1.60 x 1.60 m.

Hobikken: The warmth and charm of natural wood

Inspired by Nordic architecture, with a predominance of wood, the colours are warm with red and dark tones. It is built entirely with Birch plywood, and has a natural finish, highlighted with vertical lines. The Hobikken is available in three different sizes, further prices on request.

The Hobikken Indoor is made with MDF natural wood, combines perfectly with wooden floors or in more classic-style homes. Created for indoor use, in this playhouse the children will learn to go in and out, store their things and share. The dimensions are: 1.05 x 1.05 x 1.20 m.

Illinois: The absence of adornment and the perfection of its details.

The outstanding feature of this playhouse is eight windows which provide a feeling of freedom and space while enjoying their surroundings. Inspired by architecture from the Modern Movement of the 20th Century, the Illinois is characterized by simple shapes.  This playhouse is only available in the Maxi model, the largest of the product-line. Dimensions: 3.10 x 1.80x 1.90m.

Sterling prices and delivery costs available on request.

For interviews and photographs, contact London Digital PR.

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