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Reading every tweet, facebook post, status update, tag and comment is next to impossible. The vast amount of data that is flowing through our social accounts is simply unmanageable.

Once in a while one would simply declare “social bankruptcy” and disregard all previously received messages focusing only on new activity. It is not too long however before the cycle repeats.  This might work in some cases be but missing posts that are of value (i.e. product inquiries, questions) can be detrimental to your business or cause. While you can disregard almost all other activity – these messages you can’t miss.

In reality though, it is not about reading every message you get but rather about understanding them. To find a good analogy – look back at your college and high school days – cliffs notes did the trick back then! Imagine if you had “social cliff notes” – a well built index of your social messages, grouped and categorized by geography, language, people, product, company, topic, etc, etc. This way all you need to do is to check up on topic of interest and find all conversations that took place around it.

This is exactly what we have done. All of our users now have a much more thorough discovery dashboard, which makes for a great morning coffee reading!

Our process is simple and highly efficient. We perform semantic analysis on every social message you get. Here are some examples of the type of information we are able to extract:

  • City (i.e. Sacramento, New York, Cairo)
  • Company (i.e. Dow Jones & Company, Inc., Apple, Google)
  • Country (i.e. Canada, United States, Egypt)
  • Entertainment, Award or Event (i.e. the Oscars, Sundance)
  • Holiday (i.e. Memorial Day)
  • Market Index (i.e. S&P)
  • Medical Condition (i.e. pancreatic cancer)
  • Medical Treatment (i.e. acupuncture)
  • Movie (Iron Monkey)
  • and many others……

Our sources include Wikipedia, Reuters,, DBPedia, Geonames, and several others.

Here is how your discovery results will look like (actual screen capture from our own social report account):

Let’s say we are interested in all Social Media related conversations. Simply click on “Social Media” and see all related posts:

Few things to note:

1. Clicking on user icon and name will take you to that user profile on a given network.

2. Clicking on the message itself will direct you to the actual message posting.

3. Note that this shows messages from all your networks.

Try Social Report!

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