Web Strategy Audio Guides for Webmasters Released by Philippa Gamse

—Philippa Gamse, CMC is pleased to announce the release of two web strategy audio guides: “Leaky Boat Websites – and How to Prevent Them” and “Web Connections that Win.”

The guides are hour-long pre-recorded downloadable audio files (mp3 format), together with complete transcripts in Adobe Acrobat format.  Suitable for both new and experienced webmasters, they will work on laptops, desktop computers, tablets, MP3 players and smart phones.  Sample excerpts are available and special discount pricing is offered for purchasers of both products. 

The audio guide “Leaky Boat Websites – and How to Prevent Them” will help you determine if your website is missing vital opportunities for generating revenue and sales leads. The audio guide “Web Connections that Win” helps you to evaluate if your website has emotional appeal, and if it reflects the “real world” conversations that you have with your customers.  Both guides are available at http://www.websitesthatwin.com/web-strategy-store.html.  An affiliate program is offered for qualified participants at http://www.websitesthatwin.com/affiliate-program.html.

Gamse says: “I hope that these guides will help small business owners and entrepreneurs to look at their websites in a different way – and to make more money when they do!”

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