iLoop Mobile Introduces Point of Sale Mobile Couponing Redemption Solutions

iLoop Mobile Coupons Provide Huge Opportunity for Retailers to Create Engaging and Measurable Experiences on Mobile Devices

Mobile couponing with full redemption capabilities has been waiting in the wings of the mobile industry, and with the growing popularity of, mobile phone use for retail interaction, the mobile channel is poised to mature into the mainstream retail marketplace.

Retailers large and small are beginning to understand and leverage the advantages of mobile enabled retail marketing. These forward thinking retailers are determining how to market their products, build loyalty and deliver promotional advertising—including coupons and other forms of direct marketing—via mobile phones and their point of sale terminals.

iLoop Mobile is now helping retailers leverage all the advantages the mobile channel has to offer directly where the transaction actually happens at point-of-sale. This is made possible through iLoop Mobile’s unique offering that integrates mobile coupons of all types with a retailer’s existing POS terminals, scanners and pin pads to ensure a simple and seamless consumer experience.

“Over the last 4 years, we’ve seen the mobile Web become an instrumental channel for brand engagement,” shares Matthew Harris, CEO of iLoop Mobile. “Point-of-sales and mobile couponing is transforming how people connect to information and experiences in their daily lives. With that, SMS and mobile Web offer an exceptional opportunity for initiating deeper relationships and more meaningful interaction with customers. It offers powerful new ways to reach consumers at each stage of the customer lifecycle, extending the brand relationship.”

Most retailers are aware of today’s cost conscious consumer and want to offer an appropriate value and reward for loyalty via an inexpensive and immediate channel. Mobile is the perfect delivery vehicle for retailers to provide this exchange with each customer. The Internet is becoming more sophisticated and mobile and social media are always-on platforms through which customers can communicate with retailers and their favorite brands.

“Mobile is where consumers can raise their hands and talk with their favorite stores and brands,” says Michael Bragg, vice president, point-of-sale and couponing at iLoop Mobile. ”We are very excited to provide retailers with cutting edge mobile point-of-sale (POS) solutions that create easily customized loyalty and couponing campaigns based on consumers’ behavior and demand. Integrating POS, CRM and mobile marketing is the last mile to drive sales while increasing loyalty. Most importantly, we’ve solved redemption tracking and analytics using a retailer’s existing POS systems.”

Influencing shopper decisions across all channels is the true objective for retailers in today’s market and a mobile strategy should not follow single point solutions or a one size-fits-all mentality. This is what makes iLoop Mobile’s solutions and services for mobile marketing so powerful. iLoop Mobile’s platform and expertise provides retailers a fully integrated shopping experience using systems they already have in place.

“Location-based services, incentive management and POS integration are strategically very important”, adds Bragg. “We’re interested in delivering content, information, and offers that bring the consumer closer to retailers. It’s not just about rewards-based offers and discounts.”

A mobile commerce survey by IAB, IMRG and AIME found that 41% of retailers expect to have a transactional app or mobile site within the next year, jumping to 65% within two years. Today, mobile campaigns that are fully integrated with ecommerce and physical stores are critical for retailers. Typically, consumers are invited via multiple marketing channels—such as email, in-store promotion, mobile messaging, Facebook and Twitter—to opt in to mobile initiatives that drive awareness. As the retailer grows its mobile database, this process offers the opportunity to learn more about customers’ preferences, and understand their purchasing patterns and influence.

“The convergence of POS, mobile phones, analytics and CRM creates incredible new solutions that appeal to forward thinking CEOs who have recognized the power of unlocking the phone as a sales tool,” concludes Bragg. “Success in the world of retail comes down to enabling customers to engage with the retailer on their own terms. Any retailer not actively working to develop, measure and refine its mobile experience is leaving money on the table for competitors.”

Since customer satisfaction with mobile experiences drives critical customer behavior, the measurement and understanding of shoppers’ satisfaction with SMS interactivity, online sites, mobile sites, and mobile apps is a necessity. Over the last 6 years, iLoop Mobile has acquired extensive knowledge and expertise working with major brands as it defines the next generation of mobile commerce and transactional experiences.

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