Fans Launch a Rift Telara Guide Blog

With Rift just around the corner, a group of gamers who were lucky enough to get the chance to join the Rift beta event have started an unofficial Rift Guide blog. The site aims to share with the gaming community, details about the game, from the very basic information such as who developed Rift and an introduction to the classes, to updates and in-game details.

Rift, which was initially known as Rift Planes of Telara, is all about sealing away destructive rifts that randomly appear all over the world of Telara. From these rifts spawn various being and monsters. It’s the gamers main mission in the game to join hands and to forever seal away these rifts. The game developer makes the objective much more interesting by introducing different types of rifts. From different types of rifts appear varying monsters or other so-called forces.

The MMORPG which is due for release on March 1, 2011 has quickly gained the interest of online gamers given its unique storyline and gameplay which promotes gamers to engage in both solo and group play throughout. Each gamer who dwells into Telara are given a choice between two factions which are the Guardians and the Defiant. The ascended class system lets gamers choose from four main classes including the warrior class, cleric, rogue and mage. From those, gamers can choose three sub-classes, also known as souls in the game. Appearance-wise, Rift makes six races available.

With all the hype Rift is triggering, game sites, both official fan sites and unofficial fan sites are quickly becoming available. The Rift Telara Guide is an unofficial Rift blog that aspires to make information about the game available to the general public.

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