Facebook is keeping up with standards, will you be left behind?

In an interview with the BBC this week, Brett Taylor CTO of Facebook outlined the company’s vision for the coming versions of its platform, and how he expects Facebook to evolve to encompass new content types. Updates to mobile delivery, and the growing important of news in the social space seem most likely to affect brands directly according to Integrated SEO and PR Agency Punch Communications.

With mobile data traffic in the US exceeding one exabyte for the first time in 2010 and smartphone sales now outstripping sales of PCs (Q4 2011: 100m v 92m units), web content has to be accessible to mobile users, particularly in the social space. HTML5, a new web development standard, makes it easier for content providers to deploy content to multiple platforms and create app-like functionality in a web page. Taylor commented that in future Facebook would have only one version of its mobile site, instead of the current seven. With the adoption of HTML5, Facebook will create new opportunities for brands to provide app-like functionality within Facebook, and reduce the need to develop platform-specific apps for social applications.

Looking at recent success on the platform, Taylor singled out the gaming industry as particularly noteworthy. He sees the next big move being orientated around media or news, with users engaging on the network when viewing a show. A number of start-ups, like GetGlue, are already exploring this niche and brand owners, particularly those with media assets, should look to explore ways of engaging fans around their properties in the social space.

James Ryder, Account Director at PR Company Punch Communications, commented:

“Facebook never sleeps, we see several major changes to the platform every year, whether that be improvements to the API, or page design changes. It always looks to stay ahead. The move to HTML5 is particularly significant as it will streamline mobile delivery and present opportunities for mobile app development that are platform independent. Brands will be able to reach a larger proportion of smartphone users, and more importantly, this will not be via an app store, but through a network users check many times a day.

“News and content related to TV shows are already significant social objects, they’re part of everyday life and as such people talk about them. What will be interesting to see is the way in which brand owners and news outlets acquire an audience, and potentially monetise that audience around these kinds of objects. So far, start-ups have concentrated on building an audience and it’ll be intriguing to see how they plan to make money aside from advertising. ”

SEO Agency Punch Communications has developed a strong presence in global search engines due to a focus on online pr activity allied with strong onsite SEO. That, combined with a team with great social media experience and a core traditional PR team, represent the business’ overall proposition.

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