Link Bait can Be a Key SEO Strategy for Any Company, Claims Punch

As an SEO Agency, Punch Communications knows the value of link bait in a successful SEO campaign to drive more highly-targeted traffic – but it also knows how difficult it can be to get it right.

Although creating link bait can be an excellent SEO strategy for any company, producing a regular amount of quality link bait requires adhering to a few guidelines. Punch has set out the main principles of producing this type of content to enable companies to develop effective strategies when attempting to produce high-value link bait.

Use an Attention-Grabbing Headline

The headline is one of the most important factors of all when it comes to creating link bait. If companies can’t encourage people to check out their content by catching their attention with a compelling headline then they’ve already lost the battle, no matter how good the content.

Create Content with Value

With link bait there has to be a good reason for people to link to the content in the first place, and that means it must provide value to a specific target audience. Content that informs, inspires, educates or entertains always stands a better chance of attracting links. Originality is also essential, so successful link bait should aim to take a fresh angle instead of rehashing the same old thing. 

Give Your Content the Edge

Link bait needs to hook readers instantly, and that means following a format that grabs their attention. Lists and guides are always good options because knowledge is always highly sought after, but other factors such as humour, controversy or contradiction of widely held opinions will also help to give content the edge.

Pete Goold, the Managing Director of PR Company Punch Communications, also highlighted the importance of online marketing when trying to attract more links:

“Content needs to provide value and have an edge for it to be considered link bait, but marketing is also an important factor. By getting involved in other online communities through blogs and forums, as well focusing on social media marketing, companies can alert the right people to their content and improve their chances of attracting links.”

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