More Companies Should Be Taking Advantage of Google Places, According to Punch

Adding a listing to Google Places is one of the simplest and most cost-effective ways that companies can make themselves more visible when people search for their products and services online. However, according to social media, search and PR Company Punch Communications, many companies still don’t understand the importance of getting themselves listed.

More people are turning to search engines to find goods and services rather than relying on traditional directories such as the Yellow Pages, and they often make location-specific searches to find more relevant results. As Google now highlights the locations of related businesses in the search results, this provides companies with an excellent way to advertise their services.

To help companies take advantage of Google Places, Punch has provided a few steps that they should take to create an effective listing and win more traffic.

Add Extra Info to the Listing – As well as filling out the Google Places form completely, companies should also add as many details as they can about their opening hours and services. They can even add images and videos of their location to provide Google and searchers with even more information.

Use Relevant Keywords – Companies should insert relevant keywords into their company name, description and categories, focusing on any keywords that people might use to search for them. Without adding these keywords their listings will fail to show up in the results pages and they will be missing out on extra traffic.

Get Reviews – The more reviews a company can get on Google Places the better, as this will provide Google with even more information. However, companies shouldn’t stop at Google Places as positive reviews all over the web will also help.

Be Consistent – It is important to remain consistent whenever the company’s name, address and phone number is mentioned on the internet. This involves making sure every page of their website includes the same address, as well as other blogs, directories and social media channels where the contact information appears.

Pete Goold, the Managing Director of SEO Agency Punch Communications, commented on the importance of having a listing on Google Places:

“The way that customers are finding products and services is changing, and businesses have to keep up with this trend. There are enormous opportunities for those companies which take the initiative and set up a simple listing on Google Places, especially if their competitors have not yet cottoned onto the technique.”

Punch Communications is a search agency that also provides social media, PR and Online PR services. For more information on any of its services, contact the Punch team on +44 (0) 1858 411600 or visit the website at




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