Businesses Should Not Overlook Social Activities During 2011 SaysPunch Communications

Some brands will fail to embrace social channels as part of a marketing strategy during 2011, according to social media, search and PR Company, Punch Communications. Whilst many consumers recognised the benefits of using social channels for personal reasons in 2010, next year brands and businesses should also choose to engage with social services.

Traditionally businesses have relied upon marketing strategies offline, presently however, social channels online are revolutionising the way brands raise awareness. Platforms such as Facebook and LinkedIn have bolstered brands and businesses reputations, allowing them to develop relationships with consumers, as well as create an outlet for revenue.

Holly Henstock, Account Manager at Public Relations Agency Punch Communications, said: “Thousands of businesses have set up social networking accounts such as Facebook and Twitter, in order to raise their presence online. Brands that have demonstrated a good practice and social presence on Facebook this year include Levi’s and Sony Ericsson. With online shopping proving so popular, businesses which refuse to adopt a digital strategy are potentially at risk of missing out on significantly drive sales.

In 2011 for businesses which continue to invest and build their presence on social channels, factors such as the interaction they have with customers and how engaging content is, will become increasingly important.

Punch Communications practices Online PR as well as social media, which can enhance a brands online presence, and enable them to improve user engagement. Punch is currently recruiting for a number of roles, for more information please call +44 (0)1858 411600 or email


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