Businesses Are Still Overlooking Social Media in Recruitment, Says Punch Communications

Many businesses are still overlooking the ability social media has as a platform in to explore prospective new employees, according to social media, search and PR Company, Punch Communications. Whilst the benefits of using social media for leisure and business reasons are widely known, spaces such as Facebook and Twitter can be used by professionals to look for and research potential members of staff, which could change the notion of the recruitment process.

Traditionally businesses relied on long and drawn out processes of recruitment, now however this process has been streamlined, through using social media. With little time to spare, HR departments can longer afford to call masses of candidates for interview, so professionals have had to adopt other means in order to find the suitable individuals for the position.

In some cases social media profiles have the potential to be used as an online CV where by user’s age, image and location maybe stated. This can be useful for a business, as a way of establishing how professional a candidate is and potentially determining whether they are suitable for the position. Equally social networking accounts allow candidates to view their potential employer and colleagues.

Holly Henstock, Account Manager at Public Relations Agency Punch Communications, said: “Social media has allowed businesses to research potential candidates simply, at the click of a button. With over 145 million people registered to Twitter, social media has allowed employers to view candidates before calling them for interview, emitting those not right for the position, saving time in the long run.”

“It is also advisable that individuals who are undergoing the recruitment process are sensible over what content is detailed on their profiles, using common sense where photos are concerned, baring in mind that a potential employer could view it.”

The Punch Communications team offers Online PR as well as social media, which can enhance a brands online presence, and enable them to improve user engagement. Punch is currently recruiting for a number of roles, for more information please call +44 (0)1858 411600 or email



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