The Prediction of Trends in Search is Becoming Vital to Tech SEO says Punch

The ability of search marketers to predict trends that are going to evolve in search engines with regard to technology products are vital for successful optimisation according to PR, social media and SEO agency Punch Communications.

The technology industry is one that is evolving perhaps the quickest when compared to other industries in general, as its constant development helps products to reach new heights year on year. The terms to describe these developments are coined just as quickly, and as such, the onus is on search marketers to successfully predict the most popular terms that will be used to describe new products and new functionality on an ongoing basis.

Alex Smith, Account Manager at PR Agency Punch, said: “Search marketers must now find opportunities for traffic generation by identifying those terms that are going to be used by consumers most frequently. A great example of this is that a number of years ago, the average consumers wouldn’t have heard of High Definition or HD technology, let alone know what it meant. Now, as the technology has become more mainstream, people have started to use it far more when searching for HD products.

“Obviously identifying the correct terms to optimise is easier said than done, and although not all efforts should be placed on future keywords, it should certainly remain in the minds of search marketers.”

Having evolved from offering PR services alone to providing an integrated approach (incorporating digital PR, SEO and social media) to each of its clients. These services are offered on a standalone basis, or indeed all together as part of an overarching marketing campaign.

Punch is currently recruiting for senior roles in PR, search and social media. If you are a keen candidate interested in the range of PR, SEO and social media jobs available at Punch, please get in touch with the agency via email at

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