The Emergence of Social Channels Requires PR’s to Adapt Media Liaison Accordingly

According to PR, social media and SEO agency, Punch Communications, public relations professionals need to change with the times and use varied communication channels if they want to continue to build relationships with the media.

Traditionally almost all PR efforts relied upon offline media liaison with newspapers and radio, through face to face meetings and calls with journalists in order to discuss various stories and news. Presently however, journalists can rarely afford to spend time away from their desks for briefings, mainly due to the pressures of what is a changing industry and often don’t even have the time for phone conversations.

A vast number of journalists and press contacts have their own social media accounts, meaning they can engage with larger numbers of people in a casual and less time consuming manner. PR’s can take advantage of the quick and easy interaction that social media offers as well as learning about their media targets’ current interests. Communicating through social networks with those journalists who are present on one or more of the platforms is an ideal way to build a solid relationship and it also assist them to manage their time in a way that they prefer.

Holly Henstock, Account Manager at Public Relations Agency Punch Communications, said: “It is incredibly important PR consultants understand the changing situation with the media; with the time pressures the press now face, relationships have and will continue to alter.”

“At one time PR’s had a close handful of press contacts they would communicate with on a daily basis over the telephone but this has changed when compared to today. I am in contact with many journalists through my Twitter account, from small bloggers to large publications. It is important that all PR’s stay in contact with the press, through whatever means possible, to know what they are thinking and to keep up to date with their interests. However, I would add it remains vitally important to try and get in front of the press whenever possible as securing face to face briefings is a great way to create a lasting relationship with the media.”

The Punch Communications team is made up of a number of practitioners with traditional PR skills but who are also highly experienced in incorporating social media and search engine optimisation into campaigns. Specialities include online, automotive and Tech PR.

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