Old Bike Barn Doing It Right for Older Motorcycle

By Bear, from Old Bike Barn

 Old Bike Barn has a lot to be thankful for Thanksgiving in 2010. We listened to you and have made many upgrades to the site, adding tools to improve the customer experience and speed up our service. All the while doing what we love the most, supporting the older machines and those that ride them.

Also, we have put a lot of energy into our Old Bike Barn Blog making it a fun resource for people that like to read about motorcycle news, events, or just see what going on at Old Bike Barn.

More than anything, I was overwhelmed by the response to my request for content for our new testimonials page. It really showed us that are serving you guys well and are responding to your needs. I’m proud to say that Old Bike Barns initiatives in 2010 for increased inventory, faster shipping times, improved customer service with live chat and 24/7 support ticket system, continue to impress customers. We also continued to add product for bikes, new and old, so stop by the Barn at www.oldbikebarn.com and see what the site by bikers for bikers can do for you.

If you like what we do for the older bikes, the best thing you can do to help us continue to support older applications is tell a friend about our depth of coverage on bikes 1969 to present day. Click here to Mail OBB Link to a Friend

We have put a lot of work into the site and making sure parts continue to be available for the older machines, so remember old bikes don’t die unless you let them, so start a winter project today and become part of our community.

Keep it between the ditches and the shiny side up.

Thanks Bear

From the by bikers for bikers website

Here is what our fellow riders have to say about Old Bike Barn!

Old Bike Barn Customer Review:

“Let me just say I have never ordered a motorcycle part online before. But you guys made my experience a great one. I will be ordering from you again. The cool thing about the whole experience is that I received a follow up phone call from your customer service after I received my part. “

Thanks, Twila
New York NY

Old Bike Barn Customer Review:
“My name’s Barry (The Rev). I discovered Old Bike Barn a couple years ago and was very happy I did. I ride a 1996 Yamaha Virago XV750 and have a project 1980 Yamaha XS1100. I’m the type of person that spends way too much time searching all over the net for the best parts prices in town. No one yet has been able to beat these prices. I’ve never had a bad purchase yet! Once I decide to really put some time in my restore project, I’m pretty I’ll be on a first name basis with these people. I already recommend this site to anyone I talk to and will gladly do so here. Thanks guys for a great selection and awesome prices!”

Sincerely, Barry (The Rev)
Phoenix, AZ

Old Bike Barn Customer Review:
“Here’s my two cents worth of appreciation for your team at Old Bike Barn. Both of my 2 bikes, a 1982 Yamaha XJ650 Seca and a 1982 Kawasaki KZ750E were pretty much down to their last days when I found them. Without the great selection of parts I found at Old Bike Barn these nearly 30 year old beauties may have never looked this great again! And they both ride as good as they look too! Thanks again Bear and everyone at the Old Bike Barn for your help in rejuvenating these bikes.”

Sincerely, Scott Shand
Poulsbo, WA

Old Bike Barn Customer Review:
“Hi, I have a 1986 Suzuki 700 Intruder and have always found the parts I needed from your company. I was rear ended this last summer and chose to replace the broken parts instead of scrapping the bike. My Intruder fits me so well I didn’t really care to shop for a different bike at this time. I found every single part I needed through your company and you processed and shipped the order in a very respectable time. I was ecstatic and relieved that because of your company mission to serve bikes this old and older I can continue to enjoy more riding on my beloved bike. You guys are awesome and you have made me one very happy gal!”

Becky Whisman
Anchorage, AK

Old Bike Barn Customer Review:
“Thank you for all the effort you are putting into Old Bike Barn to help ensure that older bikes stay on the road. Some time ago I was very pleased to be able to order from you a petcock kit for my GL1500 GoldWing and the delivery service was excellent. Our local Honda dealer only wanted to sell me the complete petcock at an inflated price!”

“Since then I have recommended your webpage to many local Wing Riders as I belong to the South Africa Wing Riders Association.”

André Engelbrecht
Stellenbosch, Western Cape, South Africa

Old Bike Barn Customer Review:

“I’ve never had an issue with finding what I need for my ’80 Suzuki on the OBB page. Whether by on-line tech support or by phone. The staff are always willing to help solve my needs and their knowledge base is exceptional. Keep up the good work OBB. I’ll be calling on you in the future.”

Randall Carter
Sherman, Texas
Old Bike Barn Customer Review:
“I don’t use the Internet very much yet but I really like your site. I like the great stuff you have made available. I intend to utilize your resources much more in the future. I enjoy restoring older bikes. I have a ’78 Yamaha IT250, ’78 Suzuki GL1000, 82 Kawasaki 440LTD and many other basket cases that I seriously plan to restore fully. I hope you plan on being in business for a long time.”

Duane Clark
Florence, Oregon

Old Bike Barn Customer Review:

I totally support this site and their product. I am fixing up an old Honda 250 to learn to ride and take my motorcycle class… LOL Finish it. And have not only purchased items from here however have suggested to my biker friends this site also. However, most of them ride other named brands…. (LOL) This site is wonderful….

I was hunting for items for my bike and I stumbled across this site. Saw the things I needed and was able to purchase them with no Computer difficulties. The site is very user friendly and easy. As my pocket book gets bigger I will be purchasing more items as I need them….

Thanks for the speedy service and all your emails and updates……

Placerville CA


Old Bike Barn Customer Review:

“I really enjoy having the Old Bike Barnon the web. I have a 1976 KZ 900 and your site has the most available parts for it. The guys behind the scenes for the site are remarkable and i really think the blog is very tutorial also. Keep up the good work bike barn you are very much appreciated!”

Chris McKenny


Old Bike Barn Customer Review:

“I have been very happy with your service and being that I drive a 1986 voyager I appreciate a good source for older bike parts”

Thanks Tony


Old Bike Barn Customer Review:

“Hi, my name is Michael Cunningham and I am the proud owner of two older motorcycles. I have made a few purchases from The Old Bike and I can honestly say my experience has been stellar. So far I have been able to locate all the parts I’ve needed through them and of course their prices are as good if not better than everyone else. I would highly recommend The Old Bike Barn to everyone who owns an old bike. “

Michael Cunningham


Old Bike Barn Customer Review:

I stumbled across OLD BIKE BARN when I was surfing the web looking for
parts to refurb my 1982 Yamaha Maxim 650. I am the original owner and
it has 13,000 miles on it.
I was thrilled with your site, your prices and your service. Thanks
for being there Old Bike Barn

Brian Baku


Old Bike Barn Customer Review:

“For me, a NEW bike is my recently-acquired 93 VFR (my OLD bike was a 79 CB750), but when I go to the dealer for parts they tell still me it’s too old to get many parts for, and I get treated like a nobody! You guys know and appreciate older bikes, and that means a lot to guys (and girls) like me. Not to mention your great prices and speedy shipping.

Keep up the good work! Thanks for being there for those of us who also appreciate the OLDER stuff.”

Steve Wolfe

Old Bike Barn Customer Review:

I really appreciate your service to the “old bike” community. There are many other sources of odd n ends for refab and tuning old iron, but OBB is reliable, has a good reputation, and presents a good presence on the WEB!

WC Patterson CO

Old Bike Barn Customer Review:

“My name is Kyle Kunes and I purchased a 1976 Kawasaki KZ 400 two years ago. The bike did not run when I got it and I spent months trying to find parts. My friend recommended Old Bike Barn to my bike and me and I have been thankful ever since. Old Bike Barn is the only place I have found new parts for my bike. The most impressive thing is that it has so many parts for vintage motorcycles. It helps people like me cut through all the b.s. of searching through hundreds of sites just to find a float bowl seal or valve packing for a bike that older than 2000. I love Old Bike Barnand have always had success ordering from them. They usually have the parts in stock and they ship almost immediately. I would recommend OBB to anyone who rides motorcycles.”

Kyle Kunes

Old Bike Barn Customer Review:

“I really enjoy having the Old Bike Barnon the web. I have a 1976 KZ 900 and your site has the most available parts for it. The guys behind the scenes for the site are remarkable and i really think the blog is very tutorial also. Keep up the good work bike barn you are very much appreciated!”

Chris McKenny

Old Bike Barn Customer Review:

“I recently purchased a throttle cables and a throttle sleeve from this company, and a few months ago, I purchased a relay starter switch. All products were just as described, and worked very well. I own three bikes, A CB 750 K3, A 1977 KZ 1000a model, and a 1974 Z1 900, when ever i need parts for either of the three bikes, i log on to www.oldbikebarn.com, and always find just what I need, Keep up the good work, until my next order.”


Old Bike Barn Customer Review:

“I’m very satisfied with the service from The old bike barn.”

Art Strickland

Old Bike Barn Customer Review:
I tell people that I kept my first bike to commute to work on, even though I bought a new dual-sport from the dealer, but I didn’t keep the old one to commute to work on, really. I kept it because I love it and refuse to give it up, it’s so much fun to ride. I bought a second one like it recently; a deal I could not pass up.
I enjoy doing the wrenching myself; too, it’s all part of the joy of ownership. Luckily, I have kind & generous garage neighbors who are the same way (with more tools and knowledge than me) who have more and older bikes!
Sure enough, Bear and his staff are where we turn for help in parts otherwise hard to find, advice, etc., to keep the love affair with our old bikes going. Pick any one of the many online forums, ask, “Where can I get…?” and twelve riders will respond, “Old Bike Barn” in seconds.

Paul H. ’84 & ’85 650 Nighthawks

Old Bike Barn Customer Review:

“It’s great to have somewhere like Old Bike Barn to find parts that fit vintage 70s bikes where the people that answer your call know what they’re talking about. Sometimes there is NOS parts out there but the prices being asked are nothing less than highway robbery. The aftermarket parts I bought from OBB to finish off my ’74 Yamaha TX500 were priced right, quality merchandise and got here quick.”

Thanks, Dave Lamberti

Old Bike Barn Customer Review:

“The secret to being green is not in replacing your old products with new “Green” products. The secret to being environmentally responsible is in retaining and using what you already have. Old Bike Barn is providing an essential service that gives the man on the street the same parts info that has been the bailiwick of dealers (who often won’t even work on your old bike). Cheers to Old Bike Barn and the longevity of our wonderful machines.”

Jeff Lee

Old Bike Barn Customer Review:

“I have been a customer for about 4 years now. I originally found you because of Carpy’s Café Racer work on Honda 750s while I was making some changes to my bike. Well, that bike is functional again, and Old biken Barn had a lot to do with it, and I doubt you’ll have many stories like it. I have a 1978 honda750 that was dead and bound up in someone’s yard. It was perfect for my project since the motor was hosed and I would be converting the bike to full electric power.

It took me some time to get here, but I now have a fully functional Electric-powered Honda 750. Old Bike Barn sold me the handlebars, mirror, tires, brake pads, brake lines, Rear shocks and few other things I needed to do the restoration part of my project, and I’ve been happy to use the same handlebars on a few of my gas bikes. Recently the local papers did a story on this page that went front page! Then the AP picked it up and ran the story all over the place! So, thanks for getting my EV Motorcycle to take us much further than it’s intended range!”

Thanks again, Jullian D
Santa Rita

Old Bike Barn Customer Review:

I ordered some Carb Float Needle from Old Bike Barn they came in on time and were just what I
needed made my Yamaha 535 run fine! Great job Old Bike Barn.
Johnny A Brown


Old Bike Barn Customer Review:

“Your company is a perfect source for the great area of the 70’s and 80’s motorcycles.
It’s getting harder and harder to locate spare parts or modification items.

I especially like your Cafe Racer product line. Great ideas for customizing a nice old bike without
Spending a fortune.

Please keep up the good work.

Best regards.”

Markus Reichert

Old Bike Barn Customer Review:

“I ordered some Carb Float Needle from Old Bike Barn they came in on time and were just what I
needed made my Yamaha 535 run fine! Great job Old Bike Barn.”

Johnny A Brown

Old Bike Barn Customer Review:

“Thanks, I was very glad to find the Old Bike Barn site and pleased with the service, even though I hope my bike doesn’t need anything else you can bet I will check with you first should something arise. Thanks “

Jimmy Hight

Old Bike Barn Customer Review:

“I ride older bikes by choice and sometimes have had a lot of difficulty finding parts. Since I found Old Bike Barn, I have been able to get every part I have needed. Great service, great prices, great web site. Congrats, keep up the good work, Thanks”

Robert Titley

Old Bike Barn Customer Review:

“Old Bike Barn is a great site, I appreciate the great service and products you sell. You are as serious about the customer repairing their bikes, as you are your own. Great job and look forward to doing business with you a long time.”

Dale Dixon

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