The Growing Importance Of Media Relations Online, Why Every Little Helps Explains Punch

The efforts brands go to when conducting media liaison has altered incredibly over the past few years. A large number of businesses now rely heavily on how they can raise awareness online, incorporating activity with social media networks and search engine optimisation.

Although offline coverage remains important, many businesses are looking to raise brand awareness online, through sites of all sizes in order to reach a wider audience. From large publications that boast a million unique visitors a month to small blogs and forums, all sites are now targets for media liaison as a way of extending a brands outreach.

Many blogs and forums also have their own social media accounts, in order to create even greater engagement with users. Information that is featured on a blog can be linked to the brands website and can also be relayed on Twitter and Facebook, meaning that articles written receive even greater attention.

Holly Henstock, Account Manager at PR Company Punch Communications, said: “Here at Punch despite some campaigns relying solely on traditional offline press activity, a rising proportion of client work involves conducting press liaison online, through blogs and forums. Blogs content provides exciting content for readers to engage with, offering them the opportunity to interact and provide feedback on topics of interest. With a vast number of blogs boasting a strong following, it would be a complete oversight for brands to not incorporate this into a PR campaign.”

Punch Communications employees a number of practicioners with traditional PR skills but also has a highly experienced digital team who incorporate Online PR, social media and search engine optimisation into campaigns.

Founded in 2003 by Pete and Emma Goold, both of whom have a successful background in PR, Punch has enjoyed a number of achievements already this year, in particular from businesses looking for Technology PR.

For more information please visit or call +44 1858 411600.


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