SEO Campaigns Need Long Term Execution to Achieve Maximum Benefit says Punch

SEO campaigns that are executed over a longer period of time are far more beneficial and will achieve better result than short term SEO activity according to PR, social media and SEO agency Punch Communications.

As the use of search engines such as Google has become more and more popular with internet users, the relevance of search marketing has increased for the vast majority of businesses looking to maintain and optimise an online presence. Having a website is no longer enough, a business domain must be optimised effectively in order for it to have an impact on sales and/or lead generation.

There are a plethora of techniques that can be used to successfully optimise a website, but Punch have highlighted the added benefit that will come from engaging in SEO activity over a longer period of time, rather than as a means of achieving short term success. Alex Smith, Account Manager at Punch, explains:

“The real benefit in conducting SEO activity comes from doing so over the long term. Although it can be possible to push URLs onto the first page of Google for uncompetitive terms in the short term to achieve some more traffic, the real benefit will come from ranking well for competitive terms, which can only realistically be achieved over a longer period.”

Alex continued: “Ongoing activity will also help significantly in maintaining the rankings that are achieved, whereas with a short term outlook, the rank of the URLs optimised will frequently drop after a while. Continual optimisation will make it far more likely that SEO success will be sustained.”

Originally a PR company, Punch Communications provides integrated services to all of its clients, having successfully adapted to add social media and search services to its skill set. Whether it is a standalone SEO or social media initiative, or a complete campaign encompassing PR, search and social media, Punch and it’s team can provide the consultancy needed to achieve measureable success.

For more information, or to enquire regarding social media or SEO jobs at Punch, please call 01858 411 600, or visit


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