Shoreditch is more than a trendy hotspot, it’s a hotbed for digital talent

This week, David Cameron was due to state that the East End of London is set to soon rival Silicon Valley in California as a hotbed of digital and .com talent. From what it’s seen in the last year of working within the digital and creative industry, PR Agency Punch Communications believes he may have a point.

An integrated PR, social media and SEO agency, Punch has recently acquired clients based in California and, initially, may have been feeling very much like the junior partner in trans-Atlantic conversations. But as time has gone by, it’s become apparent that many of the ideas to come out of the UK are just as cutting edge as that of its American cousins – so much so that some US clients are arranging for colleagues to come to London to swap notes on ‘best practice’ ideas and strategies.

Whilst Punch isn’t based in the East End of London, it agrees with the prime minister that the UK is catching up with the USA when it comes to the ideas to create and use of cutting-edge technology.

Pete Goold, Managing Director Punch said, “As a digital PR agency we place a great deal of emphasis on maintaining a grip on digital innovation. Recently we have met with third parties in London who, we feel, are creating opportunities for businesses and consumers that are truly ground breaking. David Cameron has a point when he says the East End could be as big as Silicon Valley and we look forward to seeing that day come around soon.

“Whilst the USA is always going to have more brains than the UK, we believe the balance of power is slowly changing and heading east – to the East End in fact.”

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