OneBigPlanet Launches New Local & Mobile Advertising Solutions

OneBigPlanet’s new flexible packages, DealADVERTISER and DealPUBLISHER, follow online trends towards local, mobile content and offer unrivaled set of integrated local deal and coupon distribution solutions for publishers and advertisers.

OneBigPlanet today unveiled OneBigPlanet Local V3, which introduces its two new lines of white label solutions:DealADVERTISER and DealPUBLISHER.OneBigPlanet Local V3 brings local deals to the consumer savings industry and offers turnkey solutions for newspaper/media companies and businesses with merchant relationships to acquire and manage local deals or invite local merchants to advertise deals online and on mobile devices.

With the full-service customizable solutions of DealADVERTISER and the broad range of distribution options of DealPUBLISHER, OneBigPlanet’s advertising and publishing partners can remain competitive, take advantage of the mobile revolution and transition to local online advertising. DealADVERTISER and DealPUBLISHER build on the success of OneBigPlanet’s eight years of expertise in the consumer savings field and complement its traditional online deals platform. Users can administer and distribute any type of local deals using a wide variety of flexible white label formats with the platform’s economically attractive packages.

“Today, I’m proud to officially introduce one of the most comprehensive and customizable platform available in the industry,” said OneBigPlanet’s CEO Eric Aubertin. “The changes in consumer trends require adaptation at both the advertising and publishing levels; we took up this industry challenge and began focusing on providing solutions for local, relevant content for web and mobile more than 18 months ago.”

DealADVERTISER is a perfect custom-made solution for companies who need to transition to an online advertiser base. They can use the sales force management system to sign up local merchants or an easy-to-manage self-serve environment to attract new advertisers.

DealPUBLISHER gives publishers the flexibility to manage and brand deals in any format with white label portals, iFrames, APIs, widgets, or mobile apps. The platform takes performance to a new level by reducing the commercial and technical complexity of publishing deals and refining the content for the local market. Nearly any kind of consumer savings can be published, including group buying, daily deals, traditional coupons, event-based private sales, and more. OneBigplanet’s proprietary and aggregated local Deals Network can also supply local deals to online and mobile apps publishers.

“We’re not new to innovative practices and entrepreneurial achievement,” Eric Aubertin added. “My team responded to the transition in the local advertising and mobile industry by redeveloping our product to deliver a sophisticated deals ad platform for local as well as global online advertisers and publishers.” 

OneBigPlanet’s formula for success is to combine big vision with technological expertise. The cloud-based platform, refined through years of development and client feedback, offers distinctive features like built-in quality assurance, intuitive self-serve options for companies with local advertising opportunities, and comprehensive measurable tracked results to optimize campaigns and advertisements that will make it one of the major players in the industry.


  • DealADVERTISER is an all-in-one advertising platform that gives advertising partners the ability to acquire and manage local merchants and deals using a sales force management system or an intuitive merchant self-serve system.
  • DealPUBLISHER offers a wide range of white label publishing solutions including a customized portal, APIs, iFrames, widgets, or mobile apps.

Explore the new DealADVERTISER and DealPUBLISHER platform at

About OneBigPlanet

OneBigPlanet is the most customizable and comprehensive white-label consumer savings platform that bundles proprietary and aggregated local deals with national online offers. Advertising partners can acquire and manage local merchants and deals using a sales force management system or an intuitive merchant self-serve system. Publishing partners can publish any type of local and national deals with a complete line of white-label solutions, including a customized portal, APIs, iFrames, widgets, or mobile apps. OneBigPlanet offers its full range of services, expert knowledge and tailored consumer savings solutions to companies across the U.S. and Canada.

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