Voice SaaS Enables Businesses to Use a Variety of Numbers to Help Maximise Telecoms Services

Natterbox, a provider of cost-effective hosted voice services for businesses, is advising those reliant on telecoms services that the deployment of dedicated voice SaaS can maximise communication between the business and consumer, through providing a business with a range of intelligent telecoms services.

Recent advances in the telecoms industry now facilitate the ability for businesses to successfully adapt their telecoms systems when necessary. Dependant on what a business wishes to achieve, they can make variations to their telecoms systems to help increase exposure and create strong business-consumer relations.

The provision of Natterbox’s hosted PBX system enables the business to successfully manage the variety of available telecoms solutions. This system enables the integration of Natterbox’s additional telecoms solutions along with traditional services, whilst keeping costs down.

If, for example, the user wanted to conduct business with a localised area, Natterbox’s solutions could produce a number to make it appear as if the business were local. This can help maintain relations with the business’ client. This is similar to the introduction of 03 numbers for businesses, which helped people decipher what the nature of the call may have been, whilst also maintain a level of anonymity for the business as they aren’t location-based numbers.

The use of such call management services allows businesses an easy understanding of their telecoms systems. Whether providing a range of different numbers depending on who is being contacted, through to automatic redirecting or blocking of certain numbers, the introduction of Natterbox will heavily benefit a business in utilising its telecoms systems.  

Neil Hammerton, CEO of Natterbox, said: “The modern business has a variety of tools at their disposal to assist with telecoms solutions. Whatever the nature of the business, Natterbox ensures its software services will help a business maximise the use of its telecoms systems. Whether for management of outbound, inbound, external or internal calls, Natterbox’s Voice SaaS will assist in utilising a business’ means of communications, whatever the requirements.”

For more information on the range of services, including call recording, SIP trunking and large or small business PBX please visit Natterbox.com.

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