Eyeful Presentations and 2WIN! Global partnership delivers “Blended Presentations”

Eyeful Presentations, the leading presentation consultancy, and 2WIN! Global, the premier training company, are to globally launch “blended presentation” methodology and skills training through an innovative new partnership.

The partnership brings together Eyeful Presentation’s in depth knowledge of presentation development and design with 2WIN! Global’s market leading training expertise to deliver impactful and persuasive presentations for their combined global client base. 

Both companies believe that, whilst well developed in some areas, the vast majority of presentation consultancy and training does not deliver the requisite skills and techniques to fully address the needs of today’s corporate markets.  The joint offering from Eyeful Presentations and 2WIN! Global provides presenters with a range of options to pull upon and is being termed “Blended Presenting”.

“Formally launching the Blended Presentation methodology has been on our wish list for some time” explains  Eyeful’s Managing Director Simon Morton. “We decided to hold back until we found the right partner to go to market with this and now we can ensure that with 2WIN! we can develop and support this programme together across the globe.  Many organisations do not invest properly in their presentations or their skills training, and now we have a unique product that enables them the get the best for both in a combined product set.  We are very proud to be working together with 2WIN! on this important development in our Portfolio.”

The two organisations already share a number of high profile clients such as Microsoft, Adobe and Software AG and there is already significant interest levels in the new offering. 

“This is an extremely exciting new development for us here at 2WIN Global.” Added 2WIN!’s CEO Bob Riefstahl “Many of our customers have invested in either their presentation or their skills training, but have never had the opportunity to put the two together successfully.  Great meals combine fresh ingredients with the perfect blend of spices that a chef assembles into a culinary masterpiece.  Likewise, Eyeful and 2WIN! will bring our global clients the recipe’s they need to produce and present compelling messages that will vault them into a commanding position with their customers, investors, employees and partners.  .”

To find out just how this new joint offering could change the way you present your business, contact Eyeful Presentations via the web at www.eyefulpresentations.com

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